Today, we are reenacting a photo album. So get some tea or whatever, and just swipe up and follow…

I had been looking for a statement t-shirt for a really long time when I stumbled upon one, months ago. It was a white crop tee. I fell in love with it and well… here we are.

Sometimes the creative me gets into fashion sense and I try matching up stuff in my head. Plus of late, Pinterest has been my source of inspo.

All it takes is a little imagination, creativity and a lot of inspiration.

So here we go:

Tshirt & Skirt
Patterned Skirt












Tshirt & Highwaist jeans
Highwaist Jeans














Tshirt & Dress
Layered with Black strapless dress














Tshirt & Mom jeans
Mom Jeans















Tshirt & Black pants
Black Trouser & Blazer















Tshirt & Official pants
Official Pants
















Tshirt & Paperbag pants
Paperbag Pants


















Tshirt & skinny jeans
Black Skinny Jeans
Tshirt & sweatpants














Tshirt & Tights
Tights & Black Leather Coat


















Hope you’ve gotten some inspo ?

Until next time, all my love


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