Can you imagine it’s already day 6 of blogmas? How cool is that? I’m so excited and grateful for your feedback in this series. When I thought of doing it, I wasn’t sure how it would do – but you guys have been the best support system. So thank you!!!

Today, I am switching it up here and doing something a little different! I have developed a habit of looking through social media, to find out what is trending. Not udaku-wise, but lifestyle-wise. Instead of doing it alone, I thought I would bring you along and share what I am LOVING!


I noticed this trend a while ago when I kept seeing this style on dread heads. Then, I didn’t know what It was called – now I know (rope twists). There are so many ways to go a little extra with your hair, and this is one of the ways. I think it is adopted from the twists you can do on natural hair – a trend that never dies!

Also, when you dye your hair, there is something that just makes the twists pop more!

I am definitely going to try out new hairstyles that incorporate the rope twists!

Makeup Haul


I thought heavy makeup makes someone attractive – until I met people with heavy makeup and later saw them without makeup, and couldn’t recognize them.

I have however seen this trend mostly on YouTube, where beauty vloggers do not want to lose their faces in applying makeup. They, therefore, decide to go with less, while still achieving the same results.

The less is more trend is something I am seeing catch on with more and more people embracing their natural skin, and working on it with skincare products.

Less is definitely more.

Neutral nail polish is also something I have seen more and more people embrace. There’s just something about this that I cannot put my finger to. It works well.



The trend that took me by surprise has to be the thin turtleneck layers – and honestly, I am always thinking of different ways of trying this for myself! Adding thin turtleneck layers is such a great way to wear your strapless dresses or jumpsuits.

I am in love with these sheer turtleneck tops under dresses and overalls! They look decent and make the turtleneck look sexy as well.

Another thing I’ve been loving is statement t-shirts. Kwanza if you get a cropped one. It’s something that says, ‘girl next door I can vibe with you,’ kinda thing. You can literally pair them with anything!

Radical Truths - Influence


Am I the only one that thinks this year has seen more breakups? Though this might be the case (or not), I tend to think that women have sort of found their voice, in knowing what’s good for them and all. Like if it is worth it or not. It’s not all about “tutaambia watu nini?”


Is food overrated?

Early in the year, there was a fuss about various ways of losing weight through dieting. And when I realized I was gaining weight, I actually tried one of the dieting ways – intermittent fasting.

Well, it helped a little. But I think there are better ways of maintaining or losing weight, other than dieting.


What trend have you been loving? What have you embraced?

Until next time, all my love


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