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Today I’m celebrating the fact that we are on day 6 of Blogmas! I’m not gonna lie, this blogmas thing is no joke. But hey, we committed to it and we are going to make it work!

So without further ado…

If 2020 did anything to our mind when it comes to our wardrobes, it put what good clothes mean to us into perspective. When we’re sitting at home for months on end dreaming about life outside of sweatpants or tights, it’s easy to see how much our clothes do for our identity in a precedented world; our fashion choices are both an expression of ourselves and a part of who we are, whether we normally realize it or not.

Whether or not you opted to wear any non-sweatpants this year, you probably felt an ache for a former version of you that strolled into the office in the morning in clothes that made you feel your best, rather than keeping a revolving door of sweatshirts at the ready.

Regardless of whether or not we’re leaving the house, fashion still exists, and yes, there have been a few 2020 trends that I have been loving.

Vest trench coats

Trench coats have been with us for a very long time. However, with the unpredictable weather, you may be unsure of what to wear so as not to feel too bulky when the sun comes out in the middle of the day. That’s where vest trench coats come in!


There are certain dresses or tops that can’t just be worn just like that – especially to certain places. Sometimes, it’s also a little chilly but not the kind of sweater weather.

This is actually something our parents did to keep us a little warm. We just didn’t think it was fashionable then.

Now, here we are!

Oversized blazers

There’s something about an oversized blazer that just compliments an outfit. I’ve realized that the blazers can be worn with practically anything.

Give it a try!

Almost natural makeup

I love looking as natural as possible, even in makeup. With us having to put on masks practically whenever we are in public, natural-looking makeup is the way to go. This way, it is not all left in the mask.

Layered necklace

I have been loving this trend especially because I can easily pair it with my turtlenecks! This has been the best trend for me this year!

What have you been loving?

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