This past two weeks I must say, a lot has been on my mind. Some from current news and others well, from my thoughts.

1. Weight loss

So I knew I had added a few kilos when almost everyone mentioned it to me. Last time I was at 60kgs so in my mind, maybe I’d just added a kilo or two, or maybe not even added any. So after church last week I decide to go and check my current weight out. Guys, my weight surprised me weh! I am overweight ?(And the way I have reduced on getting take-outs Woi).

So fam, I am officially looking for recommendations and tips on how to lose weight for beginners. Leave a comment on the comment section below, and it will be much appreciated.

2. Answer to prayers
For about a year and a half now I have been praying and asking God to make one thing happen. I started by praying consistently for a while, and then everytime I tapped at that door, I felt the Lord had not answered yet.

So after a while, I gave up, and in my head, the answer from God was a “no” that I had not gotten loud and clear.

Then I have no idea where the urge to pray and trust God again for this one thing came, and I have been praying since then. A few months ago, I started feeling that door open, and I haven’t stopped praying because I want it open completely.

So guys, when do you know whether your prayer will be answered or not? When do you know what answer God is giving you?Should you continue praying until it is answered?

3. Sin

Do we commit a sin over and over again knowing God’s got us? There are these sins that we tend to commit over and over again.

You know it is wrong, but you still go ahead and do it. No one is perfect I know, but should we just live in sin because “after all we are His children and when we ask for forgiveness He will forgive us”?

4. Cheating in relationships

I have been Keeping Up With The Kardashians since I can remember. Khloe happens to be my fav. So when she got into a relationship with Tristan, I was the happiest (I know it sounds a little absurd). Then he cheats on her a month before she gives birth to their daughter, and Khloe decides to be the bigger person and stay.

The guy has now cheated a second time, and well, according to reports, Khloe has decided to call it quits.

There is this notion that all men cheat. I am no position to talk about this. However, after being cheated on whether by your spouse, girlfriend or boyfriend, when is enough enough? When do you decide that this is the right time to walk out of this relationship? Is it the first time or when he/she does it over and over again? When he/she does it the first time, what makes you think that they will not do it again?

Your thoughts on this? Have you gone through a similar situation? How did you deal with it?

5. Jussie Smollett

This guy was my ‘crush’ on Empire. After watching the first season of this popular series, I had each song he had sung downloaded on my phone. You got to agree with me that this guy has a great voice.

Anyway, so late January, reports had it that he had been attacked in Chicago. Oh how sorry I felt for him.

Two weeks later, the story changes and well, allegedly, this actor staged his own attack. One of his attackers is even a co-star on the show, and they are said to have rehearsed his attack prior to the real attack. I honestly did not want to believe it but well, the truth is out, loud clear.

It is believed he did this because he was not happy with his salary, and also wanted to promote his career. Now, all I see is his career in acting could be ending as Empire producers have announced that his character is being cut from the final two episodes of this season.

But wait, he might just get other acting gigs, coz, like it or not, the guy can act. Even staging his own attack and being emotional on TV?! WOW!


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  1. Wow…. This are tough ones. Yenyewe I can perceive slot has been your mind. Ningejaribu kujibu zingine but lemme hold my thoughts for a while?

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