What day of quarantine are we on? It could easily be day five or 52. I stopped counting.

Social distancing during this period for me feels so much like the days in between Christmas and New Year when you don’t know the days of the week or even that they exist because all days are the same. Is it just me or does this time feel like that to you too?

My bed and I have become alarmingly close during this period. I work on it, do my blog posts from it, and Netflix as well. Yesterday, after a typical day of working remotely, I made myself dinner, watched some Netflix, and scrolled on my social media platforms, as per usual. This is what I have been doing since self-isolation began.

On a normal day, I’d consider myself to be a decently social person. Sure, many times I choose recharging my social battery over hanging out with friends, but I tell you, being forced to stay in has made me crave social interaction more than ever. In an effort to feel less lonely during this quarantine, I’ve explored some options that have helped me feel connected in a time that has the potential to make me feel as lonely as ever:

Video call your people

I mean it when I say that video calling my family and friends has become my new favorite hobby. Before COVID-19, I’d shudder at the sound of my phone alarming me to a video call… someone wants to talk to me and see my face? Why can’t they text?

Of course, you can communicate with your people through text if that’s what you prefer, but I have really grown to love the authenticity of video calling and seeing my people in real-time. I’ve used the time to connect with my friends, those I have felt distant from, and even my family.

Pick a dish with a friend, cook together and virtually eat together

My friend and I have developed this habit of deciding what we are eating together – even though we are not physically together.

With this, it’s almost as great as the real thing and on the positive side, you only have to cook for one. The dish you settle on doesn’t have to be complicated – if you’re looking for easy meals to make out of stuff you already have at home, check out these recipes. I got your back ?

Write letters to someone (and have them do the same)

I was writing a letter when all the emotions came out and I realized that it was what I needed to do. I felt so good afterward.

I know it sounds a little odd, but it’s just as therapeutic to write letters to your friends as it is to receive them. It passes time wonderfully and opens up an opportunity for you to dive deeper into the relationships that you already have.

Surprise your friends with one of these, and hopefully, they will return the favor. Regardless, reflecting on the connections you already have is a sure way to bring a smile to your face.

Start a book club

My colleague and I had a book club of two? We would discuss books and well, it was just an interesting time. This was of course before self-isolation. Now, I am reading some of the books we had purposed to read.

You and your friend can choose a book, set a deadline, and discuss it over a video call. Not sure what book to choose? Start with this list and you’re all set.

Tune into Instagram Live Hangs

This past week, some of the people who inspire me hosted a live interview session on Instagram and it was amazing. Depending on what you like, you could plug into almost everything – from online concerts to interviews and even dance parties.

These will make you feel so good and foster a sense of community in an otherwise virtual space.

It’s in these times of quarantine that I find myself wanting to connect to humans more than ever. What ways have you been staying connected during COVID-19?

Remember, this too shall pass.

Stay Safe!


Let's be friends. Let's hang out every week, catch up, and just have a good time.

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