When self-isolation first began, I had a lot of positivity. Not that I have lost it, but well, there are usually those days. When it actually dawned on me that I would have much less human interaction, shopping, and travel if any, I realized that I had to really keep myself busy beyond the movies and series I had planned to catch up on. I downloaded everything I could think of – apps, movies, and a lot more, all in a bid to get through this time with a little less anxiety.

We are still home, and instead of stressing out even more, I’m now turning to these things to get my mind off the present and into the future. They are not all super productive, but they help, and that’s what matters for me.

Modern Love the Podcast

Simply put, this is made up of true stories of love, loss, and redemption.

YouVersion Bible App

I have been really consistent in reading the Bible and this app, I must say, has contributed to most of it. I have been on the yearly plan, with daily verses on the side, and every day, I get more perspective into the word.

When you sign up, you can choose your plan, depending on what you would like to get out of it: feel less stressed, feel less anxiety, feel more confident, etc.

Every day, the app gives you a “Daily Verse” which includes reading (for example, today’s was about how humans make plans in their hearts, but God establishes their steps Proverbs 16:9).

There is also an option of sharing your reading plan with others, and with social distancing, this could be interesting.


Has TikTok saved me from boredom? Honestly, a lot. I love seeing my favorite celebs, YouTubers, and even people I don’t know make me laugh and smile as I scroll my ‘For You’ page.

I also love showing the other side of me using this app. I spend a considerable amount of time on this app with zero shame.

Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell

I am planning to do a review of this book in the next few weeks. But before I do, let me just tell you real quick what it is all about.

Have you ever heard that 10,000 hours of practice is required to achieve the level of mastery associated with being a world-class expert—in anything?

Malcolm Gladwell coined this phrase in Outliers where he tells real-life stories and studies of people who have succeeded in their fields. Successful people practice honing their skill so when an opportunity arises they can seize it.

You don’t have to be like everyone else – be you, do you. Be different.

Also, what can a brick be used for? Yes, there are more uses than you can think of in the book!

Committed Podcast

This is a podcast on hilarious, heartbreaking, and inspiring stories of couples of all kinds (quite literally) who have soldiered through unimaginable circumstances, and after the longest of days, still want to wake up next to one another in the morning.


I have watched literally everything that was on my list at the beginning of this quarantine period. Now, I am indulging in reality shows while discovering other movies and series (still haven’t watched Money Heist).

There is honestly so much to consume your time and soul, and at the same time offer the much-needed ‘escape’from reality.

What have you been keeping yourself with?

Remember, this too shall pass.

Stay Safe!


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