His name will not even appear on your Google search as someone who has done anything worth the world’s recognition. You might find his social media handles though and click on them, only to find that there are no posts. (This is because he doesn’t really know how to use them but I kinda ‘forced’ him into having them).


This man though, is the sole reason why I am here. He is my father, the first man in my life. I am the ‘strength of his youth’ as mum puts it. My dad is my strength, my pillar, my biggest fan and so many other things.

When I was an intern at a media house and I had to read the news at 6am, he would wake up just to listen to me. When I had to move to a different city to work as an intern, he supported my stay and made sure I was comfortable, even though he did not have much to give me. He doesn’t have much, but with the little he has, he has always ensured I am comfortable and well taken care of.

Growing up, he played with me, bathed me, helped me do my homework, taught me how to ride a bicycle, took me to school and even cooked! He made the best egg curry I had ever tasted. Despite him not having much, he was still able to ensure I attended one of the best schools in the country, right from kindergarten.


Through him, I have learned the values of love, responsibility, respect and obedience to name a few. I have always seen how he treats my mother and growing up I would always tell myself that I wanted my husband to treat me the same way.

What has my dad done/said that he has no idea meant a lot to me?                   “When one door closes, another one opens.”

What makes me proud of my dad?                                                                                   His family values, his strength and his will to do something.

What is something my dad always says to me?                                                                 “I will do anything for you. Absolutely anything.”

As Father’s day is just a few days away, what are you most grateful to your father for?

To all fathers and fathers to be, HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!


“I cannot think of any need in childhood as strong as the need for a father’s protection.”




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