Sometimes it takes a tragedy for us to realize what we have been doing wrong all this time. Where our priorities have been, and how we need to change them to be better people.

Well, Dane Jensen is not any different. He works at a recruitment agency, where he is a headhunter. He is so busy closing deals in a ‘may the best man win’ kind of way, that he does not get any time to spend with his wife and three children. His boss is offering him a promotion, and in order to secure it he must beat his rival.

As a result of his busy life-style, he constantly argues with his wife, who thinks he should spend more time with them. His son however thinks his dad is a hero as he gives jobs to other people so they can help their families.

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Dane works harder so as to get the promotion, and this does not sit well with his wife, who asks him to set his priorities right. His son is diagnosed with cancer, and undergoes treatment, almost to a point of dying. This forces Dane to spend more time with him, causing his numbers to go down. It is at this point that Dane realizes he needs to right his wrongs. In the process, he is fired.

His son gets well and Dane decides to start his own head-hunting company, but this time, working from home which means he gets to spend more time with the family.


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