It feels like ages since I last talked to you guys.

Is there ever anything like accepting and moving on? I was talking to someone a while back about how sometimes we cannot really change the situations we find ourselves in. For me, if found in such a situation, the best thing to do would be to accept the fact that it is beyond me and then move on in the hope that something better will find me.

Sometimes though, until you are really in that particular situation, all you had talked about accepting and moving on is just talk – cheap talk.

How do you accept and move on from someone’s death for instance? Death is final, and when someone you love dies, you are left with questions and a huge gap that has to be filled. It’s never easy to accept the death and move on.

Sometimes it is the separation you had to go through with your significant other. For some reason, you find it hard to accept the fact that things ended the way they did. It is a difficult place to be in and to find oneself in.

I once lost a dear friend and this past week when I was uttering the words, “Accept and move on,” it occurred to me that as much as I was telling it to someone else who was in a similar situation, every time I thought of my friend I still had many questions.

It is beyond a choice, but it has to start with you.

Love always,



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