I must start by apologizing for not being present last Friday. I was on a sort of vacay without my laptop and any internet access. I must say it did me some good. Though I missed you guys tremendously. Anyways, I’m back fresher and more rested:-)

About a month or so ago my niece graduated from kindergarten. I was to attend the graduation, but for some reason I just couldn’t, because of work related stuff. The funny part is, as much as I did not attend, I was still expected to get her something. You know, like a present or whatever to congratulate her. I was so broke, and when I called asking what she wanted, guess what she said…a piano! Well, I’ll leave the rest of the story to another day.

My point here is, times have really changed. I mean, when I transitioned from kindergarten to grade one, I didn’t have any celebration. Was I even asked what I wanted? If I was asked what I wanted, I think I would have had so many presents by now. I have graduated more than thrice this far in my life.

And this just reminded me of how everyone expects you to have grown up and become this adult. No one really expects you to depend on your parents, not even your own parents. My dad used to say that if I lived in his house after I turned 18, I would start paying rent. Well, I kinda negotiated that with him, and I haven’t quite moved out yet;)

There’s a price to pay for growing up. Quite literally. You know your parents, or at least mine, expect you to do certain things, behave in a certain way, go to certain places, and do what they used to do for you (in a way). They fed you, paid your tuition, clothed you and so on. So when your parents give you a shopping list, or ask you to pay the electricity or water bill, without giving you any cash., then you know you have become an adult in their sight. No matter how old or young you think you still are. We would go to church together, my siblings would be given offering, and I wasn’t given any, and was still expected to drop something in the offering basket!

Essentially, what do adults do? They get their own lives and stop depending on their parents. Is this the price we have to pay for growing up? Now I have to think of how I can make money so that I pay for my bills and still have some to live on. Being an adult is no joke. I looked forward to being an adult, but didn’t think it entailed so much. Of course there are perks too to being an adult, but there’s also a price to pay.

Note to self: Appreciate every stage of life and live it to the fullest. At the end of the day, we only have one life to live.



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