Today (technically a few days from the day this comes out), I have had a long day working from home. From responding to emails, calls, and the work I needed to get done, I feel like I need a self-care day. You know, the day you just sit around and pamper yourself?

We (or at least I), am spending a lot of time at home, and this means I get a little more extra time to maybe self-care – something that I definitely did not have time to do between traffic and balancing my life before the Rona.

In a bid to cut down on expenses and still take care of myself, there are a few things I have been doing at home, even as I wait to get myself pampered when this is all over (kwanza my feet wueh!)

You can try these at home and see how good it’ll feel:


Garnier Pure Active 3-in-1 Wash + Scrub + Mask

I bought this at 500 bob over a year ago and now it is almost over.  it has been totally worth all my coins. It was 500 bob. It contains a lot of products that you will find helpful for your face. Every coin you spend on this will be worth it. 

Nivea Cream

Although I rarely leave the house, I have made it a habit to have my face moisturized daily. I have used this cream since ‘forever’. When I suffered from serious sunburns last year, it came through for me. When this is all over, nobody wants flaky skin.


I started working out, then stopped. Then I noticed I was gaining weight. So I am back to working out, to shed all the weight. I use a home workout app that has in the past, worked wonderfully to make me feel fit and comfortable in my body.

All you need is a little space and you are good to go!


Black Castor Oil

They say this is good especially for those who are looking for growth and volume. In using this, however, my goal has been to maintain my dry scalp. The smell is not so pleasant, but it works. Maintaining my own hair has been a huge challenge for me especially because I have always made salon appointments. I however had to learn how to retwist my locs, and so far, we are trying.

Olive oil

To ensure that my hair still maintains its glossy look, I spray a little olive oil every other day.



I noticed that every time I used lip products, my lips would get a little charred. I resorted to going natural and have stuck with petroleum jelly that works wonders.


Believe it or not, I brush my lips when I’m brushing my teeth. This serves to remove any dead skin that may exist.


Truth is, I have neglected my feet. Other than keeping them moisturized because I don’t want them flaky, there’s nothing much I do. The dead skin! (hides face) I’m even ashamed of myself.

That’s basically what I do to my body at this point in time. I cannot wait to feel safe enough to really pamper myself. This, for now, suffices.

What do you do? How do you keep your body in check? I’d love to know!

See You Next Week!