I am literally writing this blog as I travel. I’ve been so busy trying to chase paper and this is the only time I have before I reach my destination.

It’s an election season in Kenya, and with all the campaigns going around by various politians, I sit and wonder, “is every person aspiring to be a leader fit to be one?”

See the extent to which some of our politicians are going to just to ensure they remain relevant throughout this period is wanting. Every time a politician stands, he/she has to bash the other contestant in efforts to drive a point home.

We, the citizens are not any better either. Recently, there have been heckles every time a leader from a party that is not popular in a certain area stands to speak. Stones are thrown and words pelted here and there.

We say we want peaceful elections, but going by our actions, are we really preparing for peaceful elections?

Actions speak louder than words my people and we should lead by example.
Let’s pray for peace. Pray that all goes well during this time.


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