Yvonne Orji is an actress and comedian. I got to know Yvonne after watching the first few episodes of Insecure, where she plays the role of Molly. Then I saw a trailer of a stand-up she was having, Momma I Made It! And decided to watch it. I didn’t know she was a comedian until this point. 

When I saw she has a book coming out, I knew I had to get it. Then my friend texted, “I know the next book you should read…Bamboozled by Jesus.” I ordered it immediately and couldn’t wait to start reading it. Before I started reading it, a few of my friends mentioned how much they enjoyed reading the book. I knew I had made the right decision in getting it 🙂 (affirmation).

In her book Bamboozled by Jesus, Yvonne is not your ordinary author. I remember starting the book and reading it in her voice (don’t ask me why 😂). For kids from Nigerian homes, like Yvonne’s family in Washington, DC, attending medical school is a common expectation. Her parents felt ashamed when she wanted to become a stand-up comic. Her battle to please them while following God, who was directing her along the entertainment route to her destiny, is detailed in her story.

She details her relocation to New York and subsequent move to Los Angeles, the rise and fall of expectations in the industry, her financial predicament and the miraculous provisions that allowed her to survive, as well as the proof that God orchestrated distractions and setbacks to aid in her character development in preparation of her rise to stardom. You’ll agree with Yvonne that Jesus coordinated (bamboozled) all of her life’s circumstances to propel her into the kind of life she had always imagined after reading about the numerous providential arrangements described in the book involving several friends and coworkers.

I struggled with a few parts of the book, especially towards the end, where I knew how the story ended. I guess that is expected when you are reading a memoir because I had read through her childhood, life before the fame, the struggles, and how everything led up to who I had known her for. So, I had nothing left to know or learn about the ‘bamboozled by Jesus’ moment.

I gathered numerous lessons along the way. However, this caught me and has stayed with me: “why can’t YOU do dope things? You can! That’s the point. Even without the ‘right’ connections, you’re fine… though your funds are low, you’ll make it. Even when your hope is fading, pick it back up, boo. It gets darkest before it gets brightest. So, don’t give up….”

Bamboozled by Jesus will be a delight for you to read because of Yvonne’s captivating writing style. She comes up with funny phrases and words that you’ll probably want to use yourself. She explains and uses language from Nigeria. Even when she quotes verses from the Bible, there is humour throughout. You will adore her talent for modern translation because she makes the application of biblical truths fit so nicely into your own life. I recommend this book.


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