A small thing I added to my 2021 vision board was to be more invested in taking care of my skin. That resolve hasn’t made me a beauty guru and to be honest, I am learning as I go.

There have been so many beauty mistakes I made over the years that have forced me to be more intentional towards making my skin look and feel better.

Even now, I am not doing everything right, and like me, you may have a few habits that you have come too accustomed to that could be hurting your skin.

So if you’re wondering why your face is reacting the way it is, don’t blame it on the constant use of a mask.

It could be because you are making some of these common beauty mistakes that you need to avoid.

Using the same hand towel you use all day to dry your face at night

If there is one thing COVID has made us do, it is washing our hands a lot more. If you are like me who uses a hand towel to dry my hands, your hand towel is definitely getting used a lot.

However, just because you are using it to wipe your clean hands does not mean that it stays clean all day. It’s just like your towel. You use your towel to dry your clean body off after a shower. But you still wash it, yes?

To avoid this, get a towel that is specifically for your face.

Exfoliating too much

When I first started skincare a few years back, I was a culprit of this until I realized that a common beauty mistake is to think that you can only have healthier skin the more you exfoliate.

Our faces do not need to be exfoliated a lot. 1-2 times a week does the trick for you.

Not washing your bedsheets and pillowcase enough

It took me a really long time to realize that the reason my face was breaking out on my right side, was because that is the side that I would sleep on – and on a pillowcase that hadn’t been washed for a while.

This is a beauty mistake that so many of us realize later on. Now, I try to change my pillowcase as much as I can, and the breakouts have decreased.

Popping pimples with your fingers

I won’t sit here and act like I never pop pimples. In fact, I find myself doing it even though every beauty guru warns against this.

What we don’t realize is that we spread bacteria to the pimple and it many times does not go away as soon as we hoped it would. Every time I think of this (which is not very often), I stop popping the pimple.

This actually minimizes the scarring and irritation that may occur after.

Not Drinking Enough Water

Hydration is important for skin health. If you are dehydrated, it will show on your face.

There are so many opinions on how many glasses of water you should drink.

In my opinion, just try and take enough water. Whatever that will be for you.

Touching your face all the time

Again, thanks to COVID, we are trying to make sure our hands don’t touch our faces. This honestly, has been the hardest thing to do. But hey! We got to do it.

Hands carry bacteria that you may not be aware of. Touching your face all the time might just be the reason for some of the pimples you might try to pop later.

Take care.


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