There’s something about a turtleneck that feels very…I have no word for that feeling. But the feeling it gives you is the kinda cozy casual yet still glamorous feeling. It gives you a sense of warmth, but not too bulky in case it gets too hot outside.

Known for pairing perfectly with jeans, you could also pair it with skirts or even a dress!

I came up with a few ideas that you can use when styling your turtleneck:

#1 With trench coat vests

Trench coat vests are one of the trends that have been here for a while now. The best thing is, they can be worn with practically anything, including turtlenecks!

#2 With pants

If like me, you want to look great without spending a lot of time putting your outfit together, pair your jeans, palazzo pants or even sweat pants with a turtleneck.

#3 Office look

For a formal look, you could wear a turtleneck to work. This can be paired with practically any official pants and a blazer on top.

#4 To cover up skin

You know those strapless dresses that you love but can’t wear to certain places because of the fear you have that you will be showing too much skin? Well, you can overlay and look very chic and comfortable.

#5 With necklaces

You don’t have to give up wearing necklaces just because your neck is covered in a turtleneck. You can easily wear your necklace over your turtleneck!

How do you like to wear turtlenecks?

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