Every time I heard about interviews, I would get terrified.In my mind, it was an avenue for an employer to literally tear down a candidate, and see whether he/she was fit for the job. I would be called for interviews and shrink, but would go nevertheless. On the interview day, my heart would be racing like no man’s business.

I had been out of a job for about seven months since graduating, and then an opportunity came my way. There was a communication job opening in Nairobi that needed to be filled. Since my college degree is in communication, I wanted to try it out. I handed in my application letter to one of the bosses I had been introduced to and waited. One would think because I knew the boss, I would get the job, right?

A month later, I got a call inviting me for an interview at their offices. Of course because I was still living at home, I had to travel to the city. From the day I got the call all the way to the day of the interview, I was so nervous. I had butterflies and could not eat as well as my appetite usually is.?

I was to be interviewed at 11am, but ended up being interviewed at 3pm. By the time I got into the interview room, I was so drained. I was asked what my salary expectation was and instead of saying the gross salary expectation, I said net. I was so confused and by the time I left, I was relieved. I didn’t get the job.

Then there was this time I was conned. I remember a friend telling me that she had given out my number to a certain person who was looking for communication executives. A few hours later, I got a call, and was asked to send 1000 bob (I can’t remember what it was for). Because I was so confused and excited at the prospect of getting a job, I did not think, and just sent it. I had even started building castles in my head about how life would be for us *smh*

Then he called and asked me to get more cash, so that he could use it to bribe his boss, and eventually get me the job. I mentioned it to my parents, and my boyfriend C, asking if they had cash to spare (I didn’t tell them the bribe part) they all didn’t, and so I didn’t send.

Then I got a text, followed by a phone call inviting me for an interview. I had to travel, and since I didn’t know where the offices were, C took me there the day before the interview. In the morning, he came and wished me luck and I left for the interview.

I got there and realized that it was all a scam. I felt so bad, that travelling back home this time with C, I barely said a word to him. Looking back, I’m glad none of the people I asked for cash from had it. It would have been a huge loss. Since that day, all the interview invites I have gotten, I always have to check and counter-check, just to ensure they are legit. In this world, there are those who are here to reap where they did not sow.

Then I got called for yet another job interview that was literally meant to tear us, the candidates, down. It was to begin at 9am, and I was interviewed at 4pm. Getting in, the HR sat there intimidatingly, asking questions that I had no idea about. I left knowing that I did not get the job.

Two months after that grueling interview, I however got another interview invite and a job, and another job afterwards.

I had given up on job searching, and was solely focusing on my content creation. I gave it all to God, and just let it be. Through it all,I believe God was teaching me to trust Him, and above all be patient.

What has your experience with interviews been? Comment down below!


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  1. Interviews are always nerve-racking yaani and of course the fact that most places need a lot experience yet you just fresh from Campus can only thing you remember is the theory part of it and some practicals and you there wondering how will they rate me? Am I fit enough for this? What will my answers be like? So many questions running through and you wanna have google in your mind so that whatever question pops, it can help you ?????? but anyway gone through it with faith and answering all I can and just leave the rest to our Creator…

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