I know life is no laughing matter, but having experiences can be. They can be the best learning lessons – just fuck ups but still lessons. That’s how I think of my life, all my wins are lessons and all my failures are lessons that will one day become wins.

GirlsTrip is a movie that introduced me to Tiffany Haddish – the loudest of them all. I later realized she has written a book and I decided to download it from my book reading phone app, AnyBooks. If you have not watched this movie, let me introduce you to her. She is a loud comedian. By loud, I mean really loud – both in the movie and in real life (no, I haven’t met her). Her acting prowess in this movie will just crack you up, guys. Her co-stars are Jada Pinkett Smith, Queen Latifah and Regina Hall (You should see this movie).

The Last Black Unicorn, the book Tiffany has written, chronicles her early life in poverty and foster care. Her early years are full of abuse and neglect. She talks about how she could not read well until she was in high school. Through her wit and funny stories though, she always found someone to help her out, and people didn’t know that she couldn’t read

She was resilient and determined to make a better life for herself. She fought to attend comedy class and learned how to tell jokes. She secured a job eventually in high school as the school’s mascot and also worked as a ‘hypeman’ at the Bar Mitzvah.

Tiffany talks of a time she was living out of her car while still taking care of her family. She felt a responsibility to heal her family’s wounds. (Her stepfather had organized for an accident that left her mother terminally ill and dependent).

Although she enjoys fame, she has never felt the need to spend money on expensive things. For her, she has always believed in buying what one needs. She talks of a time while shooting Girls’ Trip that Jada, her co-star, suggested she get security. Tiffany could not have it, and so Jada bought her an expensive bag with a dog on it for ‘security’. Every gift she got from the Smith’s had a price tag on it. Just a reminder form them to her, to enjoy life a little.

The book is filled with hilarious stories about her rise to fame. However, many of her stories are filled with sadness as she speaks of domestic violence and assault, right from the time she was a child. She talks of her marriage to an ex-cop who watched her, videotaped her and even went through her phone. He went on to put limits to the people Tiffany could talk to.

This is around the time that her comedy really picks off, and her husband tells her she needs to be a wife, first, and then a comedian. He beats her! Well, things fall apart and they are separated and divorced.

And then, they get married again.

This broke me. Marriage used to scare me for such reasons. Abuse. Why do women stay with partners who are abusive? Why don’t they walk away before it is too late?

This book literally opens your eyes to the brave and strong woman you see on your screens. In the first few pages, she says she wants to be an example to young women. Through her story that is filled with bravery and honesty, that is exactly what she has achieved.

“I decided to write this book in the hope that someone will read it and feel like, ‘if she can do it, I know I can!’

There is hope.

Thank you so much for reading this. Until next post, all my love ?


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