I know, I have some explaining to do…

A lot has happened since we last spoke. Technically, it’s not a lot – I turned a year older (which is A LOT) and I’m settling into my mid-twenties.

How have you been?

I’ve been thinking about what I want to do differently in my new age and one of the things I want to do is to diversify the books I read. 

For a long time – all of last year, I was reading the same genre of books almost every month. If I wasn’t reading a romantic book, you would find me reading a memoir/self-help book. 

This year, we’re doing things a little bit differently. And no, we are not entirely getting rid of the romance or memoirs. But we’ll mix it up a little.

These are the books I hope to buy and read this year (please hold me accountable):

Becoming – Michelle Obama

I know, 1000 years later, I am finally getting round to reading this book. 

This is a memoir that I hope will show me not only who Michelle is behind all that I see, but also teach me because I mean, what’s the essence of reading such a book if you are not going to “see the light?”

Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear – Elizabeth Gilbert

If you are a creative, this book is for you. 

For a long time, I knew I was a creative. I just didn’t think I would want to do it full-time. To be honest, I have a lot of fear. 

But here’s to living beyond fear, yes?

An American Marriage – Tayari Jones

From what I’ve read about it, I am excited to read this book that I think will bring out a lot of emotions? . 

Did I mention it’s also by a black woman?

Hidden Valley Road: Inside The Mind Of An American Family – Robert Kolker

Two reasons why I picked this book: One, it was on Oprah’s book club list, and two, it’s non-fiction.

The book is about a family of 12 children. Six of them have been diagnosed with schizophrenia – an illness that people didn’t know much about back then.

With that comes denial, confusion, shock, and misunderstanding…

Behold The Dreamers – Imbolo Mbue

There is something about migrants and the American dream. Heck! Not just migrants, many people.

Just like the title suggests, some dreamers believe that through hard work and luck they can force their way into the American dream. There’s another category of dreamers – we, the readers. 

Love Warrior – Glennon Doyle Melton

Plainly put, this is a love story. But there’s more to it. See, we are all born to be warriors – strong, powerful, and brave. And this is exactly what goes on in this memoir by Glennon.

Wild – Cheryl Strayed

Cheryl was escaping her demons.

She has gone through a lot and somehow found herself through it all.

This is a book I can’t wait to get my hands on.

Stolen Lives: Twenty Years In A Desert Jail – Malika Oufkir

From the title, this book reminded me of another book I read, “The Sun Does Shine” (Another book you should read).

One thing is for sure, I will enjoy this one.

The Heart Of A Woman – Maya Angelou

I had to throw in a little Maya. I can’t keep on quoting her when I haven’t even read any of her books.

You know the “When you know better you do better” quote? That’s from her.

The Pillars Of The Earth – Ken Follett

There’s something about this book and the church that attracted me to it.

Not too sure how I’ll feel afterward, but I’ll definitely let you in on it. 

Gay Girl, Good God – Jackie Hill-Perry

I stumbled on Jackie’s Instagram account and instantly fell in love with her. Then going through Twitter recently, I realized she has a book. And that’s how I decided to add it to my list!

Surviving The White Gaze: A Memoir – Rebecca Carroll

I saw this on Gabrielle Union’s stories awhile back and knew it would be a good book to read. That’s how it ended up on my list!

The author is a black cultural critic – so you know this one’s gonna be good!

Heart & Hustle – Patricia Bright

Patricia Bright has come a long way. She has grown as an influencer and to be honest, she inspires me.

This book I need to get.

What book are you currently reading? What books do you want to read?


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