I have been on a ‘mission’. Living life to the fullest.

At the end of last year, 31st December to be precise, I was at this girl’s night out thingy and the subject of new year’s resolution came up. I’m not one to make new year’s resolutions because many times I end up not following them. This time however, I didn’t say that. I went ahead and gave my resolution. To live life to the fullest.

Well, let’s just say in the first quarter I didn’t really succeed in doing this. We are now in the last quarter and I will tell you, yes. I am living my life to the fullest. For me, life is too short. Those close to me will also tell you just how well I am doing this ?

There are a few things I still want to do that I have not been able to do:

Bungee jumping

Heights terrify me. But there’s some level of adrenaline that is released in bungee jumping. I want to dare myself to do it, just to prove I can overcome my fears. It’s a challenge I cannot wait to conquer. Though scary, I know it’ll totally be worth it.

Travel the world with someone I love

I love travelling. I just have not gotten the resources to. I am currently working on that, to make sure I fulfill my bucket list. All I want to do is travel and have memories from all the places I go to. There’s this place in Dubai I want to go to. The Ossiano restaurant, the one where you literally dine underwater. I want to see the grand canyon, the great pyramids… it’s a lot.

Pay for an event

Can you guys believe it? I have never been to an event where I have to pay for a ticket. There’s been so many I have wanted to attend but because of the money factor, well… Just like many of us who love free things, I attend the free ones, but when it comes to paying, I’d rather follow the event on social media. I want to attend an event of my choosing and have to pay for it. Don’t ask why it’s on my bucket list. I just wanna know how it feels to attend such events.


It may sound lame, right? I mean, I could just go outside right now and do it, but there’s a certain feeling that comes when you do it without any care even of the mosquitoes that may be baying for blood. I really want to do this. Just fill a car full of pillows and blankets and drive someplace to go stargazing. As simple as it seems, I don’t know where I can do this, that is other than my parent’s backyard:D

Go scuba diving

I love water and swimming. I am not a good swimmer though, something I will work through over time. I just want to dive deep into the seas to the bottom of the ocean for a little while, say I did it and never do it again.?

Go on vacation by myself

I have tried picturing this. I love my ‘me’ time. One question that always comes in my mind is, what if I get bored? Well, I guess I’ll have to try this out to see how it turns out.

My bucket list is actually quite long. These however are what I would call the main ones.

What’s on yours?