I have always wanted to be a busy woman. Waking up ready to start the day, and going to bed in the evening feeling tired – but with satisfaction that I have achieved all or at least part of what I had set out to accomplish that day.

Part of what prompted me to leave mommy’s and daddy’s nest is the fact that I felt I needed to keep myself busy. Then, that involved pushing myself and not being too comfortable with being given all I needed. Leaving the nest I did (I miss them though).

Here I am feeling all sorts of busy. Some of my weeks are quite crazy, and to be honest with you, if I spare some time to see you, know you have such a very special place in my heart. I mean, I even haven’t gotten time to go see my folks. And what I tell people these days is, I have no social life. Sometimes I don’t pick calls or respond to texts because my thought process gets interrupted. Thought process because I produce content each day.  I am trying though.

I have what I would call my first hustle. Here I get to interact with customers over the phone. Now here, I spend 10 hours of my day, and about eight of those hours is spent talking. What makes this job interesting is the kind of customers I get. There are those who want to marry me, others want to meet me, others shout at me, others are impressed by my beautiful voice and how I handle their issues, and others still, call me (well the company I work for), a con-woman. Then there are those colleagues who just brighten up my day.

There is what I call my other hustle. I am a writer. The other day I just thought of googling myself. And yes fam. I am famous. I mean, I am on google. Not just my social media pages, but guys I am actually on google. My writing job is one of the best things that happened to me in terms of jump starting my career. I am honestly so grateful to my boss for believing in me and giving me the opportunity. It has taken me places.

These two, I do on a daily basis. Monday to Friday, and some Saturdays too. Other weeks, like this particular week, I had to give an interview. It was such an honor to be able to not only talk about my writing work, but also inspire aspiring writers.

Most Sundays I go to church and take an afternoon nap. Weekends are generally set aside to bond with #him especially because we rarely get weekdays to ourselves.

There are days I just feel so tired and overwhelmed by it all. What keeps me going however, is the fact that I am doing what I love. In the end, it is what puts food on my table.

Then there is the part of getting to talk to aspiring writers that gives me the greatest joy.



Let's be friends. Let's hang out every week, catch up, and just have a good time.

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