Happy Friday my people! How have you been? I can’t believe we are in the last quarter of the year. Wueeh! The year has gone by so fast!

In trying to be more organized and honoring some of my goals, I decided to declutter in all areas of my life – including my closet. By the time I was done, I needed new things. More like: “Out with the old, in with the new.” ?

Let me tell you guys, the best place you can get tons of clothes at an affordable place in Nairobi has to be Toi Market. Mahn! The prices are just super affordable.

So today, I just wanted to come on here and show you some of the pieces I got. Most of the pieces were ranging from 200 to 350 bob, other than the dresses which were 600bob (but totally worth it).

Here we go:


I looked at this mustard bodysuit and was not sure I wanted to get it. This for me was just going to be a trial and error kind of thing. When I first tried it on, I loved it. I actually didn’t know mustard could look this good on me J Then there’s this striped blouse that my friend saw and was like, “You have to get it!” and yes, I got them.


Anyone who knows me knows I love me more trousers. It’s just who I am. I got these high-waist jeans at 200 bob and I took it immediately. Then as I looked through another stack of jeans, I came across a pair of mom jeans at 300 bob (I must mention, they were similar to some I saw at a clothes store going for 900bob). Then of course in the spirit of being more corporate looking?, I got these official trousers that are just my faves?


My intention of going to Toi was to get more official dresses. Well, let’s just say, that didn’t go according to plan. I saw this white shirt dress and immediately pictured myself in it, and pairing it up with converse?  How cool is that? Then I pictured myself in this black sleeveless dress and got it! The other dress was a plus when it couldn’t fit my friend and I took it ?

Clothes Haul


I didn’t really need blazers but when I passed through a place where they were being sold for like 200bob, I took this black one because well, everyone needs a black blazer, and then this brown one that I pictured putting on when I’m in all black.

I am loving every bit of the clothes I got and cannot wait to try out some more places…

What’s your go-to place for buying clothes in bulk?

Until next time, all my love



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