I had always associated vitenges with maturity. One would have a kitenge once they reach a certain age. I vowed not to dress in a kitenge even when I eventually reached that age.

That is until the Ankara craze came into being. It ultimately hit me so hard, and although it has a different name from the kitenge we are used to, it is just about similar.

I had been searching the web for a design I thought would really blend in with my personality, and one I could attend weddings in, when I ultimately came up with a design I fell in love with.

I bought the fabric at a local fabric store. Now, with the design I had chosen, I was not sure just what fabric and print would go with it. You should have seen me going back and forth, pulling out all the fabric my eyes loved, only to return them and look for others. It was a tedious process. In the end, torn between two, I just asked the guy what fabric he thought would suit me best?

The hardest part however, was explaining my design to the tailor, and ensuring that she had understood it well enough to come up with something I would love. (I have become quite open these days, and if I don’t like something, I tell it to your face. I’m working on having a gentler approach though).

So I made the dress and I love it.

Now when you tell me you are having a wedding, I can boldly tell you, “Nakuja. Niko na kitenge.” Or better yet, you can copy the design if you like it, and show up to my wedding in it ?

I love the print as well as the design of it. The print and the overall color just sets me in a vibrant mood all day, every day. In this, I feel pretty and happy.

I completed the outfit with black chunky heels and a small set of studs.
I can now boldly say that I am a lover of African print.

You can decide to have a neck-piece and even add other accessories of your choice.

What do you think of this design? I’d love to hear from you.

Thank you so much for your time. Let’s connect on social media, and until next time, see you <3


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