Happy new month people!! It’s been a month of rest, reflection and of course missing you.?

Let me explain where I have been and what I’ve been up to…

I was overworking myself quite a bit and grew myself thin, so I had to take time off just to rest.

Also, I have been working on a few projects and guess what? One is up – a podcast! Yes guys, I am a podcaster now (I’m still not sure whether that’s the term to use). Here is the first episode of what I uploaded this week.

The biggest thing for me this past month has been learning to let go – of relationships, and situations, and letting Him who knows the plan, take over.

All in all, I have enjoyed spending time with myself and building the relationships that are closest to me. I cannot wait for what the rest of the year holds ?



Those who know me a little more know that I find it hard to sleep without socks on. This one time, I had to buy a pair of socks last minute because I had none. Walking into Carrefour, I got these really cute pairs of socks. Here, it was quality over quantity honestly. They are super warm, and even have this anti-slippery thing at the bottom. These have become my favorites.



This is a gift I have cherished. I did not know I needed a notebook until I was gifted this. Funny thing, when I was given this book, my first reaction was, “It’s yellow.” Although I am not a huge fan of bright colors, this notebook is everything. Thanks again ?



I am a sucker for bags. I love them in all sizes and when someone asked me what I wanted as a gift, my first answer was a bag. It’s a really small sling bag that I use to carry my essentials – phone, keys and gloss. That’s basically what it can hold. I got this from Miniso and it is just perfect.


Skin products

My face is something I have never really paid much attention to – until recently. I decided to try a few of Garnier face products – and I am loving them so far. I will be doing a review of the products soon, but you honestly need to grab yourselves these. I got them from Jumia at a total of around 1600 bob.



The weather forced me to invest in a good pair of boots. I was once rained on and my shoes got very soggy – this was the deciding factor. I walked into Bata, liked what I saw, and got them.  Again, here it was quality over quantity.


Thank me later ?

That’s a wrap for my favorites so far. I hope this has inspired you and motivated you even just a little, or even given you a happy break in your day!

Until next time, all my love



Let's be friends. Let's hang out every week, catch up, and just have a good time.

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  1. Here we are alike. I can’t sleep without socks too. I won’t even find sleep. So I can see you have several pairs…. You know what to do sister ??
    I also use garnier products too. They’ve been kind to me.

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