Tears of joy, laughter and countless emotions- that’s what weddings are made of. A wedding is not just about a couple getting married. It’s about vows of love and spending a lifetime together, the happiness on everyone’s face, uniting families and having all your friends beside you wishing you all the best.

I am happy to invite all of you to my wedding that will take place on…

Okay, before we get there (which we will), I have a new brother!

My elder sister got married a couple of weeks ago. It was a wedding we were all looking forward to. One would have thought it was my wedding I was preparing for, judging by the excitement I had. My hair had to be made, I had to get a make-up artist (by the way, I can hook you up with one. Damn! The girl knows her work), my nails had to be done and fitting for my dress. It was one of the best moments for me this year (sneak peek into my year’s highlights)?.

Dear future husband

Weddings for me bring this kind of feeling that to date, I don’t know how to explain. It’s more of happiness, joy and a lot of wishes for the couple.

But weddings tend to resurrect old issues, old emotions; new ideas, new possibilities.

And when the couple is saying their vows, I zone out and think of how mine will be…

So dear future husband,

Words cannot express how happy I will be on our wedding day.

I mean, I have dreamed over and over again of the moment I will walk down the aisle and see you standing at the other end. You’ll probably sing, or I’ll be the one singing, no scrap that. We could have a live band playing my favorite song (I have so many). Most likely I’ll smile (because I know you will want me to), and cry too (because of how far we will have come).

I want ours to be unique. Something we will always remember. And so, we should write our vows. Right from the heart. I still don’t know what I’ll say. All I know is that for me, what comes from within is what I always mean. When it comes to matters of the heart, I am quite emotional. So I may cry at this point too. 

In front of God, my family and friends, I will want it to be known just how much I love you. And when the officiating minister (who might just be my father) officially gives you the permission to “kiss the bride,” it will for sure be a moment to remember.

The moment we officially become official, is the day I can’t wait for. The day I call you my husband, and show a ring inscribed with your name, is the day I look forward to, in starting our forever.

Love always,


I had actually zoned out and started imagining the intricate details of it all.

“So are you next in line?” is the question I get a lot.

What do you think?


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