Having had dreadlocks for slightly over three years, I have been trying to look for different ways to style my dreadlocks especially now that they are longer. In my confessions, I forgot to mention how lazy I am when it comes to my hair. To be honest, one of the best decisions I made was to get dreadlocks. Not only is it low-maintenance, but it’s also friendly on the pocket.

With a few dreadlock hairstyle ideas, you can look put together in a matter of minutes.

If you have been wondering how to style your dreadlocks, here are some dreadlock hairstyle ideas for you:

The Bun

Ever since my hair went through a growth spurt, this has been my go-to hairstyle. I generally do not like hair on my face and this easy dreadlock style makes it better for me. Of course, depending on the length and weight of your dreadlocks, you may find it heavy or light. For now, mine is light on the head and I can practically do anything from putting in a little workout to cooking and even leaving the house in this hairstyle.

Pigtail Buns

Pigtails are a fun style to have. I have done this just in the house, and I love it. When I get the courage to leave the house in this hairstyle, you’ll see for yourself. Everyone I see rocking this dreadlock style looks good.

If you’re looking for a fun, different take on the bun, look no further.

Half-up Half-Down

Pulled Back

Like I mentioned, I don’t like my hair a lot on my face. It’s a simple look that for me, really accentuates my face and makes me look professional.

Braided Dreadlocks

When my dreadlocks were shorter, they were thicker, and although I wanted to braid them, I just couldn’t. This was one of the first dreadlock hairstyles I did when my hair grew out. The many styling options that come with it have made it one of my favorite dreadlock styles to date. Also, when you unbraid the dreadlocks, that’s another style you have!

You don’t have to have dreadlocks to try out these hairstyles. Rock them with your braids and see just how amazing you will end up looking.


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