I always feel the need to have eggs in the house, even when I am not necessarily going to use them. It’s usually for the time I wake up and all I want to have is eggs.

However, I am not usually creative in how I cook them. All I majorly do is scrambled eggs, or a few other times, egg curry.

I could put an egg in every dish I have, but it will still be the same-old, same-old. Quite frankly, this can get a little boring after a while.

I recently wanted to make different egg recipes and stumbled upon some that I will be trying out soon. If you’re wondering how you can do this, worry no more. You know why? Coz I gotchu!

I rounded up some of the very interesting ways that you can make eggs that will have you looking forward to each meal!

Baked eggs with potatoes, mushrooms and cheese

Source – BBC Good Food

Basic omelette

Source – Get Cracking

Baked eggs with ham and spinach

Source – BBC Food

Oven-baked eggs and chips

Source – BBC Good Food

Perfect scrambled eggs

Source – The Flavor Bender

Tomato baked eggs

Source – Real Simple

Creamy egg curry

Source – BBC Good Food

Cloud eggs

Source – The Daily Meal

French Toast

Source – Bob Evans Farms

Parmesan egg-in-a-hole

Source – Country Living Magazine

Perfect hard boiled eggs

Source – Downshiftology

Butternut squash and bacon deviled eggs

Source – Snixy Kitchen

Mexican breakfast casserole

Source – Gimme Some Oven

Fried egg breakfast sandwich

Source – Skinnytaste

Egg breakfast salad

Source – Oils By Mom

There are so many ways to make your eggs differently each time. Try these out and you’ll for sure activate your taste buds.

See You Next Week!