Recently, I was having a conversation with my best friend, and we got talking about why people go to university right after high school. Is it because they want to, or is it because they have been conditioned to think that that should be the next step in life?

Please comment below why you went to university when you did ?

And this applies to so many aspects of our lives too! Finish university, get a job, move out, get married, and hopefully, live happily ever after. Sometimes, actually many times, the script doesn’t go anything like that.

In the world today where everything is easily accessible online (including a partner), there are endless ways to never be alone. You may not be in a committed relationship, but just make a few swipes on your favorite phone apps and someone is readily available to text with as often as you want.

To be honest, sometimes, being single can get lonely – and these apps provide just the best distraction for that. But also, being single has its perks. Trust me, it’s underrated.

If you are in this season, try and remember to celebrate and embrace it by making these affirmations. Because 

There’s a time for everything.

Ecc 3:1

This is the time to focus on YOU

I know, it may sound a little cliché, but there is so much truth in this. Have you ever heard someone say that they wish they’d done “this,” or “the other”? People are filled with regret for their lost dreams, many times because of the responsibilities or obligations they had then.

As a single, the world is your oyster. Embrace fear, move if you want change, save some money, quit your job, and travel. Just do what you want. You literally have no excuses not to be fully chasing after the life you want to build.

This is the time to do it. #ThisIsIt.

It’s okay to be single

The question, “Are you dating?” from friends, family, and even colleagues, can be quite uncomfortable when your answer is a constant “no.” A lot of people think that being single needs fixing, and its solution is to get into another relationship. They may even go to the extent of setting you up on a date.

But there is a lot for you to discover before getting into your next relationship. So fight the urge to agree to date simply because people are asking.

Date when you feel ready and excited about it, and not when everyone else around you is encouraging you to.

Discovering who you are is exciting

Relationships are hugely about compromise and sacrifice – which is a good thing. But you know what is even more exciting? Being able to make your own decisions and discovering more about what makes you, simply, you.

Time alone will help you discover little things about yourself that you were never even aware of. So embrace it!

You are enough

In all honesty, being in a relationship feels validating. You are constantly reminded that you are loved, you are beautiful, and that you are precious (you know all those ‘sweet’ things you have been told). But the reality is, even without being told, you are already all that and so much more. When you spend time with yourself, you too will begin to affirm that to yourself.

More seasons are yet to come

A few years back, I had envisioned myself in a totally different way. I would have been married by now! ?

To date, I tell myself that I have the rest of my life to get that figured out.

While I look forward to what lies ahead, I am cherishing the moments I have now. I am constantly talking about how I feel in this moment.

Being in a relationship is sweet (oh so sweet!). But being single is sweet too. So no matter the season you find yourself in, there is beauty in it all.

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  1. Weeeuh…where do I begin cause this has hit so many nerves?
    Like I always wanted to finish school, go to campus, get a job, be married by around 24/25/26. Then after high school, I got a job and although I do want to go to college, my parents keep saying I don’t have to go…now…we’ve become so programmed by the world, we don’t even know God’s will for us.
    Then dating?…I recently told my best friend I don’t want to date till I’m ready. Then as if I was being tested, a guy I’ve known for years wanted us to date. He’s a good guy and I would have said yes. But I wasn’t ready. Then I met someone and mehn didn’t he make me feel good, with words of affirmation. But I had to sit myself down and have a meeting. Yes a relationship is good but at the end of the day, is it what I want at the moment? Am I ready to stop being ‘selfish’ with myself??…nope. And this has just came to strengthen my resolve. Thank you❤

    1. Darrrling!!!! You just made me day.
      So glad this has made your resolve stronger. Enjoy this season girrrl! With all that you have ❤️

  2. My 4th year of campus was THEE YEAR FOR ME! I was single but went on soo many dates! Attended so many concerts and parties. I went where I wanted to. I gave myself affirmations!
    Now, I am a mum, with a partner. Can’t even randomly decide to sleep at my mum’s house..
    That was then, Now is now. They are ALL SEASONS OF MY LIFE!
    This made me feel better about being ‘locked down’ ❤️

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