For about a week now, there has been this thing trending on social media. #EndRape.

A while back one of my former high school classmates had a situation where she publicly came out on social media calling a well-known rugby player a rapist. Well, there were mixed reactions from people. Some empathized with her, and others admonished her for coming out on social media instead of dealing with it in what they termed as ‘the right way’. You know, taking it to the relevant authority and letting them deal with it, and all.

A week ago, a similar case happened to yet another singer. Done by rugby players. The sad thing about it all is she has ended up pregnant, not knowing the father of her unborn baby. I’ll try shortening it. See, she was raped on her birthday by two men. She felt helpless and could not even report the matter. She came out the other day and just like the other incident, others empathized with her, and others admonished her. Her story has been trending on social media under the hashtag #JusticeForKemunto. (If you haven’t seen this, go look for it. You’ll get a better picture of what went on).

Anyway, so what really makes rape termed as rape? Because what is interesting is, as much as you report it to the police, it rarely goes so far as to see the perpetrator being charged. Many times you will even be told to seek a way of dealing with it out of court.

Is rape just considered rape when it is done by a total stranger? Ama in the tubushes?

What struck me the most especially in the first case is that she was being told all manner of things. The guy even went as far as calling her claims unsubstantial and poked holes into her story just to question everything.

Rape leaves scars that we may not know. It is not something you would even wish on your worst enemy.

People have different ways of dealing with trauma caused by rape. Others may come out and call out the rapist, others may decide to remain silent, while others may just decide to take the law into their own hands.

The good thing about the trending hashtag is that at least one of the rugby players was suspended on the rape allegations. How far that goes, I don’t know. What has actually come out is that the rugby players in question do this, but every time they have gotten away with it. At least until these two incidences that seem to be bringing them to book for their actions.

If you do not know what to say to a rape victim, better just hold your peace and go your way.

Yes, I know we are all entitled to our own opinions, but when it comes to this, hold your peace. Especially because you do not know what they’re dealing with in the inside.

End Rape. Speak Out. Reach Out.

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