Over the past few months, I have had a lot of questions, springing from my thoughts. Some of them are affected by what I see on social media, and others well, my daily life.

Also, I shared one of my thoughts on the latest episode of my podcast that you can listen to Here. It was an interesting one.

Here are the rest:


Someone wronged me. They lied to me and I only came to realize that they had been doing that for a while – I just didn’t see it. So when I finally saw it, it really hurt. In my mind, I was not having it. I became so emotional, and for me, this was going to be what brought our relationship to an end. So when I decided I was not gonna speak to them, that was it for me – and every time I thought of how cheated I felt, I would become angry.

Eventually, the person needed my help and well, my heart softened.

Why is forgiving so hard? I constantly talk to myself about how God forgives us and expects us to forgive but weh…. It is hard.

How do you do it? How do you forgive?


My friends and I were to start a “No Spend Challenge” at the beginning of this month, but we failed before we even started (we’re giving it a try again). I’ve realized just how hard it is to save – most of my money is spent on food I can do without, but still, want.

A while ago I was saving for a trip and everything worked out so well. After that, I have found it so hard to save as much as I did. Is the trick in saving towards a certain goal?

Showing emotions

Showing emotions especially sadness through shedding tears, is something I do not do in public. I rarely cry, and only do it when I’m alone.

A few months ago, my grandfather died. I got the news at work when I was actually telling my colleagues to pray for him and with me. I did not shed a single tear until when I got into the house at like 4am and all emotions came pouring out while I was in the shower.

The reason for doing this, I realized the other day, is because I do not want people to see my weakness. And because my smile is so wide, many times I hide all the emotions behind my smile.

I realize I associate crying with weakness – something I do not want to show.

Honestly, on this, I am not sure what to do…


What if you are dating someone and you are sure that they are ‘the one,’ only for someone to come and tell you that this is not the person, and they go on to show you who you should date and marry?

What do you do? Do you just leave this relationship you are in and move on to the next?

Honestly, I’ll need an encounter with God for this one. It’s a hard one.

What would you do?

Unanswered prayers

There was a discussion that I picked on Instagram about why people stopped going to church. Some of them mentioned that they felt their prayers were not being answered, and yet they had been faithful tithers and even given of their service to the Lord.

At that moment, something just came to me and I immediately tweeted it before I forgot. That’s what I’m gonna leave with you today.

When you realize that God gives you what you desire according to His will, you learn not to question the unanswered prayers you made.


Feel free to share some of your thoughts tusaidiane ?

Until next time, all my love



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  1. Forgiveness is never easy, but the relief that comes after… It’s worth it. Saving towards a certain goal works, otherwise it’s a keeping and taking affair. Showing emotions, mmmh… For me my tears can’t hide where they need to flow. Relationships, akh… Just like you, God got it. Unanswered prayers, I don’t question, how do I even know that they are Unanswered!

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