There’s something about manifestations and the power of the tongue that is said to work. I have been trying to manifest clear skin for the past few weeks, and sadly, it’s not working. Clearly, manifestations go hand in hand with actions. My skin hasn’t been doing the best, and I suspect it’s primarily because I’m putting in minimal effort. I want clear skin, but the amount of money and time needed is something I do not have. All I want is to have better skin on a budget. I have noticed that my skin generally looks clearer when I do some things that work overnight.

Here are my skincare tips to get better skin overnight:

Wash Your Face

This is something we are taught right from a young age. Sadly, the older we get, the more we prioritize sleep over everything else – including washing our faces. So, before you go to bed every night, wash your face. You could try using a cleanser that matches your skin type, and you’ll notice that you’ll start getting clear skin overnight.

Steam Your Face

I know not all of us (including me) have a facial steamer but boiling some water and standing over the pot works just fine! The hot steam softens your skin, making all the products and treatments you decide to use afterwards penetrate deeper into your skin.

Fight the Urge To Pop

Don’t pop any pimples if you want to wake up to better skin. Popping your pimples causes more inflammation and redness to the skin’s surface, so you could wake up with more pimples. Instead, let the pimples be and know that other skincare steps you can follow will help your pimples go away.

Oop! I just popped a pimple 😅


An exfoliator is basically like getting a facial from the comfort of your bathroom. It removes dead skin and reveals a brighter, smoother complexion in just one step. If you really want your skin to glow, use a physical and chemical exfoliation product.

Treat With Ice

Contrary to steaming your face, ice has some benefits for your skin. It can instantly reduce swelling and inflammation, which can help reduce the appearance of active acne and overall make your face look more glowy and well-rested. It also feels so good on your skin.

The easiest way to do this is with an ice roller, but you can also wrap a few ice cubes in paper towels to rub over your face in a pinch.

Drink A Glass of Water

Make sure you hydrate your skin one last time before bed by drinking a full glass of water. I haven’t been drinking much water, but I instantly notice a difference in my skin on the days that I do. It will look bouncier and firmer, and my usual morning puffiness is nonexistent. I love fried dishes, so I combat this by drinking water to ensure I’m not dehydrated.

Get a Full Night’s Rest

If you don’t want to wake up with tired, irritated, puffy skin, there really is one thing you can do to fix it: actually, get some good sleep. Waking up rested and rejuvenated is enough to make you feel fantastic, so it’s not a surprise your skin would follow suit😊