So I recently watched this movie ‘gifted’ and as the title puts it, the main character is actually a gifted girl (well according to my standards).

Mary doesn’t understand why she has to go to school and keep on asking her uncle Frank, (who is also her guardian), not to take her. Frank, thinks she should go to school because according to him, she ‘doesn’t know how to be a kid’ and has no social skills. So eventually, Mary goes to school and in her first class, she surprises the teacher by answering math questions that are way above her. The teacher thinks she is gifted until Frank talks about the Trachtenberg method that Mary uses to solve the problems.

I mean, do you even know what that is? Well, it is a system of rapid mental calculation that was developed by Jakow Trachtenberg.It consists of a number of readily memorized operations that allow one to perform arithmetic computations very quickly.

She defends a boy who is bullied and almost gets expelled, but the uncle does not want her to go to Oaks school as he puts it, the family has had an experience with that school, and he only wants Mary to learn as a ‘normal’ child.

Mary’s mother Diane had been a mathematician and had been solving the Navier-Stokes problem before committing suicide when Mary was very young. Thus the reason why Mary has lived with Frank ever since.

Evelyn, Mary’s maternal grandmother shows up and thinks that since Mary is an upcoming mathematician, having her tutored for a life in mathematics would be a good thing for her. She therefore seeks to gain custody and take her to Massachussets.

Frank’s lawyer asks him to compromise a little and accept a deal that will see Mary taken to a foster home and attend the Oaks school, and when she is 12, she can decide to come back to him. This is because he thinks that the judge will rule against them.

Mary cries her heart out when she is taken to the foster home and Frank feels really guilty. He later learns that Evelyn is living in the foster parents’ guest house and is overseeing Mary’s education. He decides to give her the book showing that Diane had solved the Navier-Stokes problem, but only wanted it published after Evelyn’s death. Frank offers to publish the work on condition that Evelyn drops the custody case, to which she reluctantly agrees.

The movie ends with Mary attending regular school in the morning and taking college level lessons in the afternoon.

If you have not watched this and you love drama, you should get this. There a few scenes that actually made me shed a tear.
Thumbs up to Marc Webb and the team!


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