Happy New month!! Happy Friday!! We finally made it this far. Can you believe just how fast the year has moved? I was looking at some of the things I did in June and it just seemed like yesterday.

Anywho… This is not your ordinary blog post…

I just came on here to see how ya’ll are doing. I’ve realized every time I talk to myself, I feel like I’m talking to you guys – my online family. And if I don’t say it enough (because I don’t think I have said it in the recent past), thank you for your support, for your love and even your time ?

Wueh… Adulting is hard. I have been on a journey (still am), which is teaching me so much in terms of reaching for the impossibilities and still maintaining a heart that is full of gratitude.

Is not easy – I’ll tell y’all what it is all about at the right time ? But until then, my lips are sealed ?

There are good days where I am super pumped and slow days where I feel drained.

Through it all though, I’m enjoying this journey because well, #ThisIsIt.

I’ll see you next week ?


Let's be friends. Let's hang out every week, catch up, and just have a good time.

PS: Tell a friend to tell a friend where we meet ?

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