I realized the power of prayer this past week through a post I made on Facebook and Instagram, which had my accounts blowing up with congratulatory messages from people. I really got overwhelmed by all the love and support I felt. I felt covered in prayer by all those people who commented saying they would pray for me. It was like there was a wall of people praying for me and then I was this human at the center thanking and praising God. Thank you people for your prayers.

The one thing prayer never is, is a waste. I have learned that when we pray, something always happens. It might not go the way we always want it to, but prayer moves mountains.

Can you imagine if you got a view of what you wanted in life being given to you without asking for it? Would you still look to God for guidance, provision or protection? What I have realized as an important lesson is, God uses our experiences to draw us closer to Himself.

Before you’re fully ready to embrace and appreciate His gifts and His blessings, you’ll realize that you still need to learn a few more lessons. I am still learning and realize that I will forever be His student, and I will need His approval before making any decisions based on my wants.

When God doesn’t give you something you’re praying for right away, it means he’s not done teaching you what you need to learn. He’ll bring changes that will ultimately change you and you’ll look back and understand why you had to wait. You’ll look back and thank Him for not granting you those wishes right away.

For a long time I was complaining to God , asking Him why He was so silent on me and yet I was talking to Him. I’m sure you will agree with me how frustrating it is when you are talking to someone and all they are doing is hearing you, but not responding. Well, this is how I was feeling. I was talking to God, as I would to my father, and I knew He was hearing all I was saying, but saying nothing! I even asked Him to show me a sign.

Jabez knew that there is only one God, and He should be the center of our work. Every time we want to reach for goals and accomplishments, let’s have God on our side. What we want will be achieved when we stay close to God and rely on His continued support and guidance throughout life, because through passionate prayer, God wants to hear that we need Him.

From time to time we all struggle with choosing to rely on ourselves, or God. Well, life is a growing process and God is faithful in caring for those who seek Him.

One big lesson is to trust in His timing and His plans. For his plans always work for our good, and they are never to harm us.

He has just begun, and will bring everything to completion.


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