“All things are working for my good. Coz He’s intentional, never failing….”

As the words of this song by Travis Greene buzz in my ears, I look back and reflect on all the times I have questioned stuff.

Once, I got into a relationship so quick, and as quick as it started, it ended. I can’t really explain or give a reason why things didn’t work out. You know the way couples who have split up put the blame on the other for cheating or whatever, there was nothing like that in this one. 

Anyway, for a long time I questioned why it all ended. Why we just couldn’t work on our differences and move past them. Why our love for each other was just not enough. The thoughts lingered in my mind for quite some time. They never quite disappeared.

Days, weeks, months, years later, I realize God was actually positioning me for greater things.

God gives us the will power to make decisions on our own. The final decision is entirely in His hands. 

I mean, if He didn’t want that to happen, He would not let it happen. Like the way He allowed the devil to throw just about every affliction on Job. In the end, because Job’s faith was unwavering despite it all, God blessed him even more than before. 

Knowing this has actually given me peace of mind. The good book says, “Do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself.”
So why worry?

Ask Him to help you trust in Him, even when times are difficult.


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