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I have always loved reading from a young age. I would see my elder sis read huge novels and eventually, when I thought I could be able to finish reading one, I started reading. I started with the Harry Potter series because many of my classmates were reading them, then I lost interest and discovered the author, Danielle Steel. I was recently telling my oldest friend about her and just how well she writes.

I have been setting up a library with her books, and so far it is going well. In looking for a book to add to my library, I came across a ‘rare’ genre of her book. This one is inspired by her late son, Nick Traina. Even though my mom has never read any of her books, she was immediately intrigued by this one and took it before I started reading it.

My mom’s comments after she was done were: “This is a book you will not want to put down!”

I recently talked about how at some point I was so close to depression. It opened my eyes to just how easy it is to end it all instead of waking up to the same depressed state day in day out. This book will give you much more perspective.

Danielle’s son, Nick Traina, was born through a C-section after hours of labor. He was a chubby baby who was full of energy and appetite. At just a few months old, he was already feeding on cereals, unlike many babies. By age one, he was already speaking two languages: Spanish, and English. He was described as “Incredible,” and was his mother’s and elder sister’s joy. What was however a little different was the fact that even as a baby, he never slept.

Because of his brilliance at such a young age, there was no cause for alarm.

Danielle says she started having thoughts of Nick having a problem, especially when he became too obsessive with her, and could not seem to follow simple rules set out for him. Speaking to his pediatricians did not help as all they said was he was normal.

By the time he was a preteen, he was uncontrollable. He was expelled from school, sent to programs and pulled out before they ended, and at some point, started shutting down. No diagnosis had been given to what he could be suffering from and he grew worse by the day.

Looking at his journals after his death, Danielle now knows just how much his son was suffering.

Nick was later diagnosed and put on medication that saw him bud in his music career, to a point of leading a band. Things however took a different turn after a music tour that left him drained. He attempted suicide three times and just when everyone thought he was doing well, he attempted suicide a fourth time with a higher dosage and died. He did it when there was no one around to watch him, and did not leave a note or any clue as to the reason behind it.

It was a tough battle for Nick, and his family. This book will give you perspective on the agonies of a parent trying so hard to give her child the very best. It will also show you the struggle of a child and eventually a teenager who wanted to lead a normal life, but just did not know how to.

It is a powerful story of the son she lost and the lessons she learned during his courageous battle against darkness. At once a loving legacy and an unsparing depiction of a devastating illness, Danielle Steel’s tribute to her lost son is a gift of life, hope, healing and understanding to us all.

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