One of my strongest love languages is KFC. I sometimes just sit and all I’m thinking about is the chicken and imagining the taste in my mouth😅. At the risk of sounding too dramatic, I am a bit of an addict. So when I wanted to trick myself into being a bit healthier, I started making copycat recipes of some of my favorite fast-food meals with fewer ingredients in the comfort of my own home.

When I cook at home, I save money, make better ingredient choices, and know exactly what is going into the food that I’m eating. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some KFC every now and again. But I now carry a certain pride that only comes with making a meal that I know is somewhat better for my well-being.

If you are craving fast food, don’t take out that money yet.

Here are easy homemade fast food ideas that you will love. And yes, they taste just as good:


Source: Pexels/Muffin Creatives

Stuffed Chicken Breast


Masala Fries


Beef Burger

Source: Pexels/Valeria Boltneva

Naan Bread




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