Merry Christmas friends! I hope you somehow had a good day ?

We have made it this far into the year! How has it been for you?

For me, this has been one of a kind. This was the year that I got into with many plans literally for a huge chunk of the year. I was actualizing my dreams and hopes. 2020 had other plans though ?

This was my year of yes. I felt so ready and pumped for the year after reading The Year Of Yes and I was ready! I low key feel like I failed Shonda, but as I write this and reflect on the year that has been, it was still the year of yes for me all along (though I said quite a few ‘no’s’)

I said yes to being intentional with daily devotion. Although there are a few days I didn’t do it, to be honest, this is the year I have read the Bible more consistently. It has played a huge role in my spiritual growth this year.

I said yes to genuine friendships. Friendships that are real, that build, correct, and strengthen me. My little circle has been very instrumental in being there for me in more ways than one. I am super grateful for the connections I made this year.

I officially got into my mid-twenties and was super excited about it. For the first time since I can remember, I went on a mini-vacay as part of my celebration and literally celebrated my birthday with cake all month long. It was a good one!

Now to the juicy part…the part y’all have been waiting for ?

This same year, (I feel like this happened such a long time ago) I was so close to committing to a serious relationship because I thought we could make it work. (I honestly don’t know what I was thinking aki). Well, in the months ahead, it became clear that it could not just work. We were growing in two different directions. So yes, your girl became single.

I also reconnected with an old friend who has been a blessing I did not know I needed this year ❤

Then the Rona happened. There were so many days I cried myself to sleep because I was super anxious. When it hit, that was around the time my plans were to be in motion. It really threw me off and for a while, I was confused by it all. I mean, I had looked forward to doing this thing, and then all of a sudden I couldn’t because of something out of my control. It was hard.

Also, I had to take a pay cut at work, but on the plus side, got to work from home (something I absolutely love!)

Working from home for me, made me add weight. No, I wasn’t stress eating or anything of that sort, but being comfortable and not moving a lot makes me add weight. I am 5 kgs heavier ? (We’ll work on the weight thing in 2021).

As the year comes to an end in about 5 days, I can truly say that this year has been like no other. I have experienced love, support, and strength like no other. Not just from people around me, but from within.

Most of all, I have seen the hand of God (literally) in my life. Even amid all the confusion, He has remained to be God.

If the Lord had not been on our side…

Psalm 124

I am so grateful to you, my online friends, for keeping me company all year.

Let’s do this again in 2021.

See You On The Other Side!


Let's be friends. Let's hang out every week, catch up, and just have a good time.

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