Whew! What a few weeks it’s been since I last spoke to you in the monthly newsletter. A lot has happened, and to be honest, a part of me hasn’t had the energy to pick up my laptop and start typing. I blame the gloomy weather for my feelings 😅.

With the weather and a busy schedule that barely gives me eight hours of sleep, I have lacked the energy and motivation to do even the things I seemed to enjoy. I have found myself wanting to simply do nothing, and most times, all I have wanted to do is sleep all day which seems more fun compared to going for a walk or accompanying my housemates for a drive.

When low energy has you in a constant chokehold and even 10 hours of sleep or four cups of coffee do not get you out of it, it’s time to find ways to boost your energy.

I have been trying certain habits that are proving to be a gamechanger in getting my energy back. If you are experiencing the same, try these energy-boosting hacks for yourself.

Sleep Enough

Sometimes naps are needed, but the constant need to take a nap should not be the case. If you are feeling sleep deprived and want to take a nap in the middle of the day, it might be time to switch up your night routine just a little. I realized midday naps were interfering with my sleep pattern when it would take me longer to fall asleep at night.

Also, take some time to prepare for bed with a simple routine. It could be something as simple as dimming the lights or even taking the time for some devotion before retiring to bed.

Incorporate a Good Diet

Because of work in the morning, I would constantly skip my breakfast and later have a snack for lunch. Even though I was happy because I was losing weight, that wasn’t working for me. I had to think about quick breakfast meals I could have instead. Sometimes, all skipping meals does is increase fatigue and poor attention.

A good diet can significantly improve your energy levels and overall health. Remember that food is your fuel 😊

Move More

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Exercise is said to boost energy. Even though you may not feel like doing anything, a few movements might give you the energy you need for the rest of the day.

Take some time between your day, especially if you are working from home, to do a few yoga stretches or even take a walk just to stretch. This way, you will improve your energy and feel alert for the rest of the day!

I am happy to say that after months and years of pushing this, I have finally registered to join a gym!

Control Stress

Of late, I have felt like I have no energy to do many things except breathing because I have been a little all over the place. As we know, stress consumes a lot of physical and mental energy.

With busy work schedules, daily house chores and never-ending deadlines, stress management will significantly help you prioritize what needs to get done daily. Also, try taking regular breaks from work, scheduling two or three days a week for alone time, or having regular therapy sessions.

Stay Hydrated

Sometimes, dehydration can present itself as lethargic feelings. If you have been feeling tired, perhaps what you need to boost your energy is enough water in your body. If your pee is not light yellow, this is your sign to take more water and rule out dehydration as the cause of lack of energy.

I’d like to know, what motivates you?


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