There’s a certain confidence that comes with how you dress. It even instantly changes the way you walk to that meeting at work. Having work wardrobe essentials that you can rely on to make you look professional and make you feel your very best should be at the centre of your wardrobe must-haves.

If you’re not feeling confident at your place of work, here are professional wardrobe ideas that will leave you feeling like your best self at work. These wardrobe staples will say who you are to your colleagues before you even utter any word.

Trench Coat

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A trench coat is timeless and a must-have piece that you can consistently wear to the office and even over the weekend. The good thing about owning one of these is that you can wear a trench coat in any season, be it in the chilly or cool seasons. Having one or two of these in your wardrobe will make you feel sophisticated on any day you decide to put it on.

If your office allows jeans, take advantage of a trench coat’s natural sophistication to your look. Pair this with a classic pair of straight jeans, a sweater, and loafers. The result is simple and minimalist but endlessly chic.

So, go get one!

Versatile Blazer

Blazers were considered essential office wear until a few years back when they became one of the trendiest outfits.

A blazer is one of the most professional-feeling pieces of clothing you can buy. You can easily dress up a pair of trousers and a t-shirt or a simple dress that you want to feel a bit more professional. They’ll never go out of style, and just like the trench coat, you can make it work for life outside the office. All you need to do is switch your work pants for a pair of distressed jeans, and you’ll have a piece that you’ll consider a closet essential.

Carry-all Bag

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A woman’s handbag is like a toolbox. It literally has everything anyone would need.

On top of carrying all of what you need, perhaps the most essential thing to bring to the office is your confidence daily.

Choosing the right bag for you will dictate your work outfits for years, so consider your priorities before you get one.

Do you gravitate toward the classics or prefer a crossbody strap? No matter what you want, there’s the perfect option out there that will be your new work best friend.

A Pair of Good Pants

The issue that arises when going to the office is that you’re likely sitting at your desk all day long. It’s hard to do that in a pair of pants you can’t breathe in (or worse, with a button digging into your stomach all day).

The great thing about work pants is that everything isn’t always what meets the eye. You can get a pair of trousers that look like the definition of professional but feel like nothing more than the pyjamas you usually wear at home.

Workwear doesn’t have to be dull or void of self-expression. To style up your classic trousers, pair them with a statement top and heels that give a pop of colour. It’s office appropriate but still a look you’ll want to be seen in.

Comfortable Heels

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Whether or not you’re generally a heel wearer, there’s no denying the confidence that can come with throwing a pair on.

Choose a pair that you can walk in – a good block heel most often. With this, you’ll feel confident, without any of the pain with heels. Add in a neutral colour, and you’ve got a perfect pair of shoes for your 9-5.

An Office-Appropriate Dress

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When in doubt, a dress is always the answer.

The beauty of a dress lies in its effortlessness. With one piece of clothing, you’re ready to head out the door and don’t have to mess with tucking or finding a belt or swapping a shirt because it doesn’t look right with your pants. And there are plenty of dresses that are perfect for the office.

Another benefit of a great work dress? It can take you straight to an after-work happy hour with your coworkers.

What’s your go-to work outfit that instantly boosts your confidence? 


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