As women, we never have anything to wear, yet our wardrobes are full of clothes! I have always had the habit of getting pieces of clothing whenever I see something I like, thinking it will match my personal style. With this, I sometimes miss the mark, and that pair of shorts or top I get doesn’t solve my problem of not having anything to wear. Within no time, my wardrobe is all over the place, but I still have nothing to wear 😅.

Although I am still trying to find my personal style, it is something I am doing with a lot more intentionality. I am getting clothes that match and that I actually love.

You too, can find your personal style. Try these tips, and you will be on your way to developing your style.

Set aside a day to go look for clothes, not buy clothes 

I know, I know, it sounds like such a waste of time to literally leave the house just to go look at clothes and buy nothing, right? How about you try to just browse through cloth stores when you are out doing your regular shopping?

This way, you most likely have a lot more time and are not rushing to buy something because you need it the next day for an event. I have realized that this also allows me to try different styles I would not ordinarily wear.

With things returning to normalcy, you might have spent the past two years in loungewear and may not be too sure about your current size. This is also the perfect time for you to see what fits well.

Use Pinterest as a mood board

When I joined Pinterest years back, I thought of it as an app to share looks that would inspire others. Not as an app that would give me inspiration 😅. Years later, it has been a tool that has helped me on my career and personal style journey. I have pinned looks that have helped me identify what my style is like as I look at similarities between different looks.

Step outside of your comfort zone

I am usually drawn to darker colours. As such, my wardrobe is filled with a lot of blacks. I have, however, been challenging myself to get more colour.

Sometimes, trying a new style of clothes can feel intimidating. Just remind yourself that it can be fun too. We all go through changes, and that includes your style too. So, change it up a little or at least try on something out of your comfort zone.

If you stick to dark or plain colours, go for something patterned and slightly more colourful. Or, if you like baggy, try styling a pair of fitting pants instead.

Start slow and evaluate the clothes you wear daily

Slow and steady always wins the race. Take your time buying pieces and invest in quality ones that you can see yourself wearing for years despite the trends that come and go. As your style evolves, evaluate what you currently have in your wardrobe. Look at what you don’t wear anymore and why. This will help you decide if it is worth keeping or giving out.

Mimic the looks of people whose fashion you adore

I am a huge fan of doing this. There is no shortage of content and inspiration in a world full of fashion bloggers and influencers. Like creating your Pinterest mood board, this is more about looking at your fashion icons. I sometimes take some time to sit and scroll through my favourite fashionista’s Instagram page, trying to look for outfits I love. This is how you learn to dress regularly. So, use this to your advantage!


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