Every time I post about a book I am reading and caption it as “Book number …”, at least one person in my contacts will ask, “How do you find the time?”, “What are your reading hacks?,” and “How do you read so much?”

The truth is, we are all very busy and overwhelmed, while at the same time trying to spend time with ourselves, family, or friends. Plus, we also need to keep the house clean, eat and maybe get a workout in.

If there is something I have learned the older I have gotten, it is that no matter how busy you are, you need time to wind down. Sometimes it can be as simple as scrolling through Instagram or watching something on Netflix, but there’s nothing as rejuvenating as getting cozy with a good book.

But even with a good book, how do you ensure that you are constantly reading? What are the tricks to reading more?

Reading more is not just about finding the time to read, but finding books that make you actually want to read them and do nothing else.

The below reading tricks will show you exactly how to do just that:

1. Learn the specifics of your reading tastes

We are most likely to define what we like to read by our favorite genres.

For example, I like to read self-help, personal development, and romantic fiction books. But there are a lot of books in those genres, and within those genres, there are a lot of books that wouldn’t be for me. So how do I know which ones I will love? I’ve taken the time to figure out the specifics of what I like to read.

In romantic fiction, I gravitate towards books by Danielle Steel. In self-help and personal development, I like those with stories – memoirs. Not just pointers. This has allowed me to find books that I actually like.

Take time to think about what it is you really liked about the books you have read in the past. Then, find more books that include those elements. This way, you will most likely find book recommendations.

2. Only read the big books if you want to

There are those books that get all the hype. Somehow, you will get to hear about them and see them all over the internet. They will be at every bookshop, and even many of them will hit the bestseller lists.

Thousands of people will end up buying these books, and thousands will also love them. But if you don’t think you’ll love them, then do not read them.

If you are not a fan of memoirs, then don’t read them. If you didn’t like for example Gabrielle Union’s first book, then don’t read her second. However, if those books sound like they are for you, then pick them.

Read a book because it’s what you want to read, not because it’s what everyone else is reading.

3. Fill your social media feed with book accounts from people who have the same taste as you

Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube are filled with book lovers who review the books they read and post about upcoming releases that they’re interested in. But while there are certainly similarities in the content they share, no two Bookstagrammers are alike.

So head to your favorite social media channel and look through bookish feeds for books that you have also read. Read and watch reviews and see what it was that that particular book reviewer liked about those books.

While you’re at it, look up your favorite authors and follow them, too. One of the easiest ways to find books you’ll enjoy is to read other books by authors of books you’ve already loved. Authors will always let you know when they have a new book coming out, but they’ll also do more than that. Authors wouldn’t be authors if they weren’t readers, and that makes them excellent sources for book recommendations.

Following your favorite authors will not just keep you in the know on their latest books; it will also give you recommendations of other books you’re likely to enjoy. With your social media feeds now filled with books from people whose recommendations you can trust, your list will soon be longer than you could’ve imagined.

4. Include reading in your daily routine

Many people don’t ‘have enough time’ for anything. I technically do not have time to endlessly scroll through TikTok, but somehow I fit it in.

If you really want something, you learn to prioritize it – like setting your alarm before going to sleep.

Chase down 20-30 minutes (or more if you can) and set it apart as your reading time. Turn it into a habit.

If you’re passionate about getting exercise each week, don’t forget that reading is strengthening the muscles of your brain. It is very important.

5. Don’t be afraid to not finish

Sometimes, you will start a book and decide not to finish it.

Here, I am also taking my own advice. Every time I start reading a book that I don’t like, I’ll stick to reading it hoping that with every page, it will probably get interesting. Until I take over a month to finish it 😅

Instead of forcing yourself to finish a book you lost interest in, pick up another one and you’ll realize that you will have read more books.

So don’t be like me. If you aren’t enjoying a book, do not finish it and pick up something else!

6. Have a reading list

I personally have a reading list that I constantly add to. This I get from those who recommend books, my favorite authors, and the latest being from one of Oprah Winfrey’s book club reading lists! (Totally worth it).

As soon as I finish a book, I have another waiting to be read. This has helped me keep my reading momentum going.

If you get caught in a space of “Oh…I have nothing to read,” you’re going to lose time waiting to go to the bookshop.

Buying eBooks is handy for instant download, but you still need to know what to get. So research and compile future reading suggestions.

Cruise book review sites.

Find a list and work your way through it.


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