Between work, school, adulting and a bit of self-care, my social life at the moment is close to non-existent. You lose sight of time when you are preoccupied with daily tasks and obligations. The sad part is that this could result in friends drifting apart or falling out completely. Fortunately, this occurs frequently and is very understandable.

Here are six ways to get in touch with an old friend, whether it has been months or even years since you last spoke to them:

Make use of social media

Thanks to our posts and stories, I keep in touch with many old friends on social media, even though we haven’t spoken in a while. Although social media has made it possible for us to stay in touch with our old friends superficially, it takes more than just liking their posts to rekindle a friendship.

Leaving sincere comments on their posts, responding to their stories, and sending direct messages to start a conversation are simple ways to get in touch with your friend again. Uncertain of what to say? Start by complimenting or encouraging a response. Your friendship will rekindle its natural growth in this manner.

Send a quick text

It can be uncomfortable at times to find yourself speechless after saying hello. However, you shouldn’t let this stop you from sending that brief text. Begin by introducing yourself, asking how they’re doing, letting them know you’re thinking of them and suggesting a time to meet. Always be yourself.

Get together with mutual friends

Even if you don’t see your old friend often, you might still be close with mutual friends. Making preparations for a group get-together is a low-stress method to reconnect because your shared friends will be there to help close the gap and avoid any boring and awkward getting-to-know-you-again small talk. If you want additional people there to assist keep the conversation flowing or if you are terrified to reconnect, this is a fantastic option for you.

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Work to resolve disputes

Have you two ever fought? Sadly, we have all been there. You are starting to re-establish a trustworthy connection by taking the initiative and reaching out to resolve the issue. Clarifying the situation and being upfront about your initial motivation for reaching out is crucial. Before enquiring if they’d be interested in getting back together, include anything that makes you miss them, feel bad about anything you may have said or done, or wish to put the past behind you forever. In this way, it is clear what your motives are, and it won’t appear as though you are reaching out and pretending nothing happened.

Bring up memories

Have you discovered any old photos or noticed anything that brought them to mind? Send it to them with a short note! Say something like, “This reminds me of you! ” if you come across anything online that relates to something you know they used to be interested in. Do you still [insert interest or pastime here]?” or, if a Facebook recollection of them appears, comment on it and say something like, “What a flashback! Do you still recall this? It’s been so much time. I miss you. It’s simple to start a conversation in a way that doesn’t look utterly random.

Find out if they want to meet up.

Don’t want to stall for time? Ask them directly if they wish to get together. Simply ask before more time passes if you’re going to reconnect because life moves extremely quickly. They probably will appreciate your effort and may even have planned to do the same thing. To do this, get in touch with them in whatever method is most comfortable and natural for you. You can call, text, or send a direct message on social media. Then, suggest particular times and locations to see if they are open to meeting up.