What is that one pair of shoes that you can wear every day without thinking twice about it? For me, it’s a pair of white sneakers I bought a few months ago. They go with absolutely any outfit I pair them with.

If you don’t have at least one pair of these, run and get yourself one. You can use these white sneakers to your advantage for the moments you want to dress down, and on the days you want to spruce up your outfit too.

Are you looking for some outfit ideas for your white sneakers?

These are just some of the ways to wear them for a white sneaker look!

With official pants

White sneakers have a natural ability to dress things down a bit, which works perfectly for this official pants look. With a heeled boot or loafer, the outfit would feel much more business casual, but with a white sneaker, it’s a perfect elevated look for a day at the office.

With workout clothes

I’m actively working towards my goal of starting to work out this year. These pair of white sneakers make it so comfortable for me to get the motivation! With this outfit, you’ll be ready to run to the gym or even do a few stretches.

With a dress

It’s not all the time that you have to pair your dress with heels. You can opt for a more comfortable look by deciding to dress up with white sneakers. You’ll see just how beautiful your outfit will come out!

With a skirt

I am not much of a skirt person myself, but let me just say, I put a skirt outfit together the other day and paired them with my white sneakers, and wow! Safe to say that every time you see me in this skirt, just know what are on my feet – white sneakers 😊


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