It’s that time of the year when many people spend holidays with their loved ones. That time of the year when celebration fills the air. However, some people will be spending the holidays alone because of sickness or because they are away from their loved ones. While spending time alone can be an opportunity to explore and even build new traditions, sometimes, it can be challenging to find the positive in being alone during a time when you are supposed to experience the holiday cheer.

As a friend, there are ways you can support them from a distance if you are not able to visit them this holiday season. Here are a few ideas to help you connect and strengthen your relationship with those who need it most this Christmas.

Call them

Getting to know how they are is an excellent place to start. Before making any assumptions about how they respond to being alone for the holidays, ask them how they are. They could be looking forward to being alone, or they are heartbroken over not being able to go home or gather with loved ones. By checking in, you are giving them space to be open and honest with you. Listen to them and respond with resources that can support them throughout the holidays. A phone conversation can always positively impact someone’s day, but especially for a friend or loved one who is spending the season solo.

Marathon your favourite holiday movies

There’s nothing better than watching your favourite Christmas movies with friends. This could be through telepartying on Netflix or video calling while you watch Home Alone. There are numerous ways and opportunities for you to connect over the many Christmas movies we can’t get enough of every Christmas.

Drop off a package filled with their favourites

Why not send a surprise gift in the mail? Putting together a package full of your friend’s favourites is a good mood lifter. You could have this sent to them, and they will be happy to receive it. Whatever you think they’ll love, fill the package with that.

Take advantage of virtual entertainment

After the world was shut down for a while, new avenues of online entertainment have stemmed up. You can access classes, performances, exhibitions, and so much more online. Set a date with your friend and enjoy one of these activities, despite the distance. You could even have a chat about it afterwards. This is a good opportunity for you to connect, grow and learn something new together.

Host a Christmas ZOOM party

The pandemic is still ongoing, and a Christmas zoom party is still an excellent option for gathering in groups. Apart from catching up, you could find online games to play or even host a cocktail-making party where everyone makes the same drink. This is an easy, safe and effective way to show emotional support to your friend who is spending the holiday alone.


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