Jeans have been in the industry since forever. Today, many of the jeans styles we have are thanks to the 80s. The styles, such as mom jeans, have evolved over time and continue to be in fashion when paired correctly.

Mom jeans, to be precise, are the most flattering jeans you can have. It requires no effort putting them on and they get your body exactly where it is supposed to (if you know what I mean), making whatever you choose to pair it with better.

Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but the fact that you are here, reading this, could be because of any of these reasons: You are either looking for new ways to wear your mom jeans, you’re venturing into mom jeans for the first time, or you’re just wondering how mom jeans are still fashionable.

If you are looking for inspiration for your jeans, here are five ways to style your mom jeans:

Style your mom jeans with a basic t-shirt

If you’re looking for an easy look that never fails, a white or black t-shirt with your mom jeans always works. After wearing this, trust me, this will be your go-to uniform.

How to wear mom jeans with a leather jacket

A leather jacket makes everything look so chic and still comfortable. If you are unsure about how the weather might be, pair your mom jeans with your favorite leather jacket and look edgy and cool while at it.

Mom jeans with a tank top 

I was watching Friends yesterday and came across a look on Monica I really loved. If you need the perfect illustration of how mom jeans can look, you should look for this series.

In hot weather, you can ditch the tank top for a spaghetti strap top as well.

Mom jeans with a turtleneck

It’s getting cold in this side of town and while you may still want to look edgy in your mom jeans, you still want to keep warm. Turtlenecks are your best bet!

With the perfect color combo, you will be warm and still fashionable in your mom jeans.

Wear your mom jeans with an off-shoulder top

Mom jeans paired with an off-shoulder top is one of the best ways to wear mom jeans. You can dress the combo up or down and make it work for just about everything.

What is your go-to look?


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