Merry Christmas guys!! I have looked forward to this blog post since I don’t even know when. There was a time I was asking myself what I was gonna tell you about my year, but then when I started counting the number of things, it became clear that I have a lot to tell you guys.

How has your year been? If you were to summarize your year in three words, what would they be? Mine would be hustle, gratitude, love. I feel like this year I have grown tremendously – not just physically lol but emotionally and mentally.

This is how my year has been:

At the beginning of this year, I started serving in the church. Last year if you remember, I mentioned that I had found a church I could call home. Well, yes! I became an usher this year, and this has been the best thing by far. This pushed me on so many levels because I had to take myself to church, even on days I felt like I didn’t want to.

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It is through serving that my relationship with God became stronger. Honestly, this year has been a year where I have had conversations with God, waited for Him to show up and simply just trusted Him for every single thing. There are times I have fallen and fallen so hard. I, however, made a conscious decision to do what is right and ask for God to help me stand in my faith. It’s still hard, but I’m standing here today!

Then guys, when I made up my mind to do right, I joined discipleship classes and a sis got baptized! Never in my life did I think I would get to a point of making this decision. I always told myself that I would get baptized when I felt ready. But then again, when is being ready ever going to be? It’s one of the things I am really proud of doing.


I’m thinking of my relationships, and well, some have grown, some have died, some have been born, and others remained constant. There were people I did not talk to in 2018, that I became closer to this year. For me, the best gift has been meeting people I now call friends, through serving in church, as well as at work. In it all, I have learned to be intentional in the friends I choose. Those who build me, and are genuinely happy for me (and I can do the same for them effortlessly).

When the year began, I had purposed to sort of spoil myself every other month, by purchasing something I had been eyeing for a while. I did this for a while until I realized some of the things I got, I didn’t really need. Also, a contract to one of my jobs was not renewed. This forced me to take up the #NoSpendChallenge which has helped me to spend money on only what I need to get. I must say that my savings have improved tremendously.

On my birthday week, I mentioned that I was making this year a year of taking risks, and my tagline was #ThisIsIt. This honestly just changed everything for me. I have been able to do stuff I didn’t think I would do, and more recently, even launch a podcast with the same tagline #ThisIsIt. This for me was something I was so scared to do, but the feedback keeps me going. I am eternally grateful to all my listeners.

This Is It (8).png

Also, before I forget, remember my recap last year when I told you guys I had just gotten a new job towards the end of the year? Yes, that one. I actually got promoted. Yes! I wasn’t sure about it at first, but it turned out to be great for me! This is a true sign that everything happens for a reason, and even when we don’t understand, God’s got us.

Through it all, I have learned to trust God, take risks, and know that everything will always work out in the end.

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And to you my faithful readers for being with me all year round, I am eternally grateful. You have kept me going.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! ?

See you on the other side!?

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