It was during my confusion on job searching about two years back when a friend told me about this book. She started explaining about what it talks about and how enriching I would find it, even in my job search. Well, the title stuck with me and every time I was in a bookshop, I would look for the book. The price was like 1000 and something bob and well… I could not afford it. Fast forward to a few months ago when I was introduced to this book app that other than not having Michelle Obama’s Becoming, is amazing, to say the least. I found the book here!

Sheryl Sandberg is the author of the book Lean In. She was inspired to write this book after a talk she gave in 2010 where she expressed her concern that progress for women in achieving major leadership positions had stalled. In the book, she now uses her personal anecdotes, lessons on confidence and leadership, and gives practical advice to women.

As a woman who is just starting out in her career, I found this very enriching. The same can be said by anyone else who is probably not starting out but has been in the career battlefield. This is for you.

Sheryl is now the Chief Operating Officer at Facebook. She is the woman just behind Mark Zuckerberg (literally). Before that, she was at Google and a few other places. She is a working mother and wife.

In the book, she believes that there are times when you can reach for opportunities even if you are not sure you are quite ready to take them on.

When I started out in my career, I always envisioned being at the top. Getting there, however, was something I wasn’t sure about. When the company I was at was seeking to fill in positions from within, I was a little scared because I didn’t think I was good enough. In my head, I told myself that if someone thought I was good, they would recommend me to the bosses and I would get the position. This is something I realized resonated not just with me, but almost all the ladies I talked to. Eventually, I decided to try it out and not wait, and well, I got the position.

Working moms

Many times especially as working mothers, you feel torn between being there for your young family and chasing the dollar. There is a balance. You do not have to sacrifice a career you love for family. There is a balance you can strike and compromises have to be made.

At this point, I feel like a sage hihi ?

For men too

Men too need to lean in. Sandberg discusses the need to work together to create equality. This part reminded me of my father. The times he had to make dinner when mom was running late at work, the times he woke up to prepare us for school so that mom can get a few more hours to sleep before starting on her busy day, the list is endless.

And as husbands and fathers lean in, how then do you as a woman take charge of your own career and push forward especially at a time when gender bias is more alive?

Staying quiet and fitting in may have been all the first generations of women who entered the corporate world did. In some cases, it might still be the safest path. But this strategy is not paying off for women as a group. Instead, we need to speak out, identify the barriers that are holding women back, and find solutions.

Have you read the book? Yes? No? What are your thoughts? Grab your copy by downloading Anybooks and get started today!

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