I feel like we haven’t caught up in quite a while. How have you people been? What have you been up to? It’s literally less than 50 days to the new year. Any plans? Or regrets?

I’ve been feeling some type of way these past few months and I’ve also gone through some stuff.

So, let’s catch up… Yes?


I have been feeling very lazy for the past few months, and I’m only just getting myself back up.

I got to a point where waking up for me was such an effort, and the only thing I was doing without feeling like it was an effort, was honestly, sleeping. I would wake up tired, look forward to the end of the day, get take out for dinner and sleep.

This is also around this time that I stopped having new podcast episodes, stopped exercising and was really just doing the bare minimum.

So for all of you who were asking where my podcasts went to.. Yep…

Things are looking up now though because well, a sis is trying to take control of her life and not let life take control of her.

Sexual harassment

I was walking home from meeting my friends at night when a tall guy (coz that’s all I remember) tried groping me. I literally shielded myself with my hand and continued walking. I turned back some seconds later just to ensure he wasn’t following me.

This incident instantly got me thinking – what if we were in a dark alley? What would have happened? Point is, it could have been worse.

To be honest, that really shook me because even now, when a man I don’t know comes close, my heart just beats so fast wueh!


I’ve been listening to Transformation Church’s series “Crazy Faith” and I can relate because I’m also trusting God for a really huge thing right now (I’ll let you in on it soon).

What has been on my mind a lot in all this is Abraham’s story and just how much he was able to trust in God without knowing what was going to happen once he got to the point of sacrificing his son.

May we all have that huge faith. Unwavering faith.


Like every other year before this one, I did not start out making resolutions. When I turned a year older in February, the only thing I decided to do differently was to make this year a year of #ThisIsIt.

Over the months that followed, I picked up certain habits that stuck with me and have really come in handy.

I was recently stock-taking on just how much I have been able to do and while there are things I have not done, I am proud of just how far I have come.

How far are you with your goals?

Genuinely being the bigger person

There’s this thing I’ve been trying to do where I argue less especially when it’s baseless. I generally choose the higher road.

However, the other day I was just asking myself, is there a difference between being the bigger person and seeming helpless especially in the eyes of the other party?

I feel like when caught in such a situation, one side of my brain will say, “Be the bigger person,” and the other, “Do not make yourself seem helpless.”

Is there a balance? How do you deal with this?

I’d love to know what you guys think. Comment below (It’s free) ?

Until next time, all my love