It’s been 3 years since I was given the power to read, and yes, I have been reading!

In all honesty, it has been a learning process for me – letting go of my expectations, finding my purpose, working on myself and growing up all at the same time.

When I actually graduated, I was so sure I would get a job immediately through the ‘connections’ I had. God had a different plan for me, and it is something He has constantly been teaching me – not to rely on my own understanding, but to trust Him.

Through it all, these are just some of the lessons I have learned and continue to learn

It doesn’t always happen that you get a job

Knowing that there’s a process and good things take time is one of the greatest lessons for me. I know like me, you too may have been hoping for a job after graduating. Thing is, it doesn’t always work out that way, and that’s something you need to be okay with.

Life is all about evolving, growing and paying it forward. Trust the process because, in the end, it always works out.

Take risks

One thing I have learned and continue to learn is that there is no perfect time. It is better to know that you tried something and failed than live with the fear of failure without having tried it.

So this is the time to get rid of your fears. This Is It!


Find your passion – make money

For a really long time, I was sure my talent was just singing. At some point, I even wanted to join the famous Berklee school of music. Well…

Expressing myself through writing and my voice as well is something I was never sure was good enough. Someone literally had to put that spark in me for me to see it, and actually act on it.

And just when I did, I got my first part-time job in writing.

If you have a job, your 9-5 is not your end-all-be-all. Use your talent to add to your income. Whatever it is, trust me, there’s something you can do with it.

Believe in yourself.

Learn from your mistakes

I have constantly put myself in situations that are unhealthy, gotten myself out of them, and then gone back to the same situations (over and over). Thing is, I had to consciously decide that no one was gonna make the best decision for me, other than me.

So learn from your mistakes and move forward.

Love the life you are living

This is for you.

As you constantly strive to be who you want to be, live in the moment, and enjoy every step of the way. Don’t stress yourself.

If I was to stress over where I’m at, I would. I had envisioned life in my 20s as something totally different from what’s happening. However, I choose to love my life.

Life is short guys!

What are some lessons you’ve gathered since leaving uni? Share them with us?

Until next time, all my love


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