Life is already complicated and hard as is. Why make it harder? Over time, I have learned to make things around me work so much easily,and with less effort. By less effort I also mean I have not had to spend more money.

Here are some of the hacks I have done and they have worked wonders for me.

Issue: Want to watch videos on phone without having to hold it?

A lot of us just think the phone adapter is simply for plugging into the socket and charging your phone. However, I recently learned that you can use it as a phone stand. When you turn it with the power connectors facing upwards, you can actually put your phone in between the connectors and watch what you want to so easily. You don’t need to buy a phone stand and yet you have such a charger.

Issue: Shoes won’t fit?

Sometimes I find myself buying shoes that I think fit perfectly, only for them to turn out to be a little too tight. As I have to seethe value of my money, I had to figure out a way of enlarging them to fit perfectly. If you find yourself in a similar position, all you need to do is get a zip lock back and fill it with water, then put the bag in your shoes.Once it is in, put the shoe in the freezer, and leave it in there at least overnight. By the time you remove the frozen water from your shoe the next morning, your shoe will be a perfect fit.

Issue: No good speaker on your phone?

I recently got a new phone. Its speaker is a little on the lower side, and if I am not using earphones, I realize that I cannot quite enjoy my music.

I once put on music and dipped the phone into a glass. Not a glass full of water, but an empty one, and voila! The sound system was just right. Whenever I’m in the kitchen and I want to listen to music, this is what I do. Simply put it in a glass and listen to music as I cook.

Issue: ‘Dirty’ ring?

Remember the ring C gave me? It started losing its color.This made me stop wearing it because of how it looked it. I did not want to spend money cleaning it too.

I experimented with a bit of toothpaste and realized within no time, it was back to looking as good as new. All you need to do is rub toothpaste using a piece of cotton cloth and then wipe it off. It will be all shiny. You can also use lemon water to do this.

Issue: Bra strap peeking from your top?

I am one of those individuals who believe no part of a bra should be seen by the outside world. So every time I wore a top that had the bra straps peeking out, I would always put on a sweater the whole day, come rain or sunshine! I could not afford an all-purpose bra and so had to stick with what I had.

Then I learned that you could actually use a paper clip to adjust your bra straps. All you need to do is hold the two straps together at the back using the paper clip, and you can wear your top all day and comfortably. It actually works.

Try these out and let me know how they work for you. Do you have any more hacks you have tried that have worked for you? Comment on the comment section and let us know ?


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  1. Shoes in the freezer.. that’s crazy!
    I would only want to try that out just to see how my mum would react..haha

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